They made my life hell. They physically and emotionally abused me. I could fight back if I wanted to. But then they would attack Mariska and Shay. And they can't protect themeselves. I'm Alexia, and this is the story of the five most annoying cruel people I go to high school with.


19. A Day With George<3


"The one that got away." I said into the phone. George chuckled on the other end. "You see? You do like country music!" He said still chuckling. I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see me. "So, what? The one that got away by Tim McGraw is an amazing song!" I protested knowing he was rolling his eyes. "Ok, ok. When do I pick you up?" Hm... "Hold on, let me ask Liam when you can." I ran down the stairs toward the dining room where Liam and the boys were eating, I hate the boys right now, I never shouldn't even said or acted like I forgave them. "Leeyum!" I hugged him from behind making him laugh. "What do you want?" I smiled. "When can George come pick me up?" He gave me a strange look. "Please! I haven't seen him since the interview! And they have tour soon! Please, Please, Please-" He stopped me before I could continue. "In an hour." I kissed him cheek hugging him again. "Thanks Bro!" I said running back upstairs. "In an hour! Bye!" I yelled into my phone before hanging up.

Wow, I took more time to get ready than I thought I would. I took a short shower. My dark red skinny jeans matched my red/black/white "RAWR" shirt. I had already snuck a pair of Louis's TOMS, even though I was mad at him. They were a light shade of black, written on the bottom was 'Tommo' I ignored that part. my hair was up in a pony tail, perfect if you ask me. And I had some bracelets here and there. But the strange thing was, Louis bought them all for me, and I still had the red heart pendant on too. Oh well.

Shrugging, Liam yelled up the stairs for me. "COMING!" I replied, and jogged down the stairs after grabbing my 'Live For Now' jacket, still promoting Pepsi Next lol. Yeah, they always go for the stars related to the bigger ones. I reached the bottom of the stairs and looked at all the boys awkwardly sitting down on the couch. "C'mon George." I said motioning for him. He stood up, walked over to me, grabbed my hand, and we were off.

Since we went on the jet to get here, we were now in New York, in the biggest park I've ever seen. Well, I haven't seen many parks but... ok. George smiled down at me, I smiled back and took a step to my side getting closer to him. He chuckled and wrapped an arm around me. "Why are we at the park?" I asked. He shrugged. "It's almost the time when the stars start to come out, so, it'll be perfect soon, you'll love it." I chuckled leaning my head on his should and playing with his fingers. He chuckled and I knew he was smiling at me.

A camera flashed almost blinding me, I stopped dead n my tracks. George came to an a brunt stop and I looked around. "What was t-that?" I stuttered to get it out. "Just cameras, it's fine, stars are known for being here." I nodded getting even closer to George then before as we walked. More camera flashes came. Ugh! I was trying to have an amazing day with my boyfriend and the damn paparazzi were ruining it!

When the hopefully last camera flashed people started asking questions and I was wrong, it wasn't the last camera flash. "Alexia, people thought you and George broke up, are you back together?" One asked. "We never broke up." I spat back and quickened my pace. George brought me into both his arms to where I was walking in the front. "Just ignore them, they never have any idea what they're talking about." I nodded sighing with relief that at least I had George right now.

Another question came minutes later. I sighed. This one was directed to George. "George! George! Do you think your girlfriend is cheating on you with a member on 'One Direction'?!" I was infuriated by that question. George must've noticed because he stopped, and pulled me into him, placing a kiss on my cheek before he answered, which kinda calmed me down. "She's not. I know her. She wouldn't. You're all wrong. You make assumptions you can't prove, I can prove she's not like that because I've been with her for a year, nothings even became a problem in our relationship until the dumbass cheating rumors." I nodded to myself and we started walking again, this time George got mad.

I stopped and turned to him then kissed him lightly. I brought him into a hug placing my head on his chest. "I wouldn't even George. Never. Not in a billion years." He nodded placing his head above mine. "I know you wouldn't. You aren't like that. And I trust you." Good, at least he believes and trusts me. I looked up and kissed him again.

We walked a little bit more before we stood at a beachside and looked out over the shore. I smiled and hugged George. He wrapped an arm around my waist and brought me into his chest flipping me around. He pointed to the sky. Fireworks began to come into the sky, my smile grew. "JJ helped you plan this... didn't he?" I knew George was blushing even before I looked at him still smiling. "Possibly..." I chuckled and looked back at the still coming fireworks. George wrapped both his arms around me and kissed my cheek again. "Anything for you babe." He whispered, my smile grew even more. George unfolded a blanket over the sandy beach and placed a picnic basket over it. "Hungry?" I nodded eagerly and sat down.

After our meal...The stars began to come out just as the fireworks finished, and it was absolutely beautiful. "Told you." George said intertwining our fingers once more. I smiled and nodded. "Come on, let's go get some rest at the suite." I nodded with a sigh knowing I'd have to leave him for months tomorrow. But one day with George was enough for one million years.

We got to the suite just as Liam called me. "Ey bro." I said crawling under the covers with a pair of George's boxers on and shirt. "Where are you? I thought George was bringing you home!" Whoops. "Sorry, Liam. I'm really sorry. We stayed out late, watched fireworks, saw the stars, it was an amazing day." My smile grew back. "Well, as long as you're ok." I nodded, phew. "I'm tired, night Leeyum, love you." "Love you too, bye." He hung up, I hung up next cuddling into the bare chested boy at my right side. "Night babe." He whispered. "Night honey." I chuckled before I drifted into sleep. Why'd George's voice crack a little bit when he spoke to me? I was too tired to ask, I'd ask him in the morning..

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