Caught in the moment

Have you ever been in love with 5 boys? Well Candice Starlight has, Candy has been in love with Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry for a long time now. None of the boys knew about it until the secret was reviled, 5 Different pictures of her kissing the guys, She moves but soon comes back and stays with Niall, she always hoped it was Harry she would be totally in love with but he had a girlfriend Heather and Zayn was with Perrie and Louis had just met Eleanor, but Liam went back to Danielle, She completely messes up again just like the first time.


1. Kisses

-Candy's POV- I was walking down to Louis' house, I knocked "Candy!" He yelled as he picked me up and twirled me around "Lou!" I yelled mocking him after he put me down "Did you forget to change this morning?" he pointed, I looked down, I was still wearing my PJ's "Oh yeah, uhm i was too lazy to change" I said and looked up into his sparkling ice blue eyes "Yeah right" He smiled before his lips crashed into mine "Ew! Louis not here!" We heard Lottie scream in the back, We both laughed and then he picked me up bridal style and carried me upstairs, Once he let me down, he kissed me again, His kiss was soft but Harsh, Before I knew it Louis took a picture "Why did you take a picture?" I asked after I broke off the kiss "For memories" He said after taking a quick peek at the photo "your weird" I laughed "Your weirder!" He yelled and started tickling me "Okay.......Lou.......Stop!" I said in between laughs "Louis, we have to go" I heard his mum say in the background "Okay mum" He replied and stopped "I'll leave, no worry's, See you later?" I asked half inside half outside "Yeah, bye Candy" He said then he lightly brushed his lips against mine, I was walking down the street until I saw a familiar figure "Candy!" He yelled and waved, I ran over and it was Zayn "Hey" I smiled "Hello there gorgeous" He said while hugging me tightly "So uhm what are you doing in the middle of a park?" I asked "Oh I was walking down to your house but you weren't home so I waited for you over here" he said "Wanna come to my house now?" I asked "Yeah, sure" He replied

-Zayn's POV- Candy and I walked down to her house and watched TV "Candy, go change" I said and pointed to her clothes "Oh yeah, Be right back" he said and ran upstairs, I sat down on the couch and waited for her "Okay, I'm back" She said before disappearing  into the kitchen.

-Candy's POV- I went into the kitchen and the window caught my eye, there was a bird outside so I watched it and then Zayn came behind and wrapped his arms around my waist "watching a bird, really?" He asked "Yes i am" I replied turning around to face him, I wasn't thinking and so I kissed him, He kissed back though, his kiss is soft like really soft "Zayn are you gonna answer that?" I asked into the kiss "yeah" He said breaking the kiss and walking out of the door "I have to go now Candy, But I'll see you later" He said and walked out the door, the doorbell rang about a half hour later and when I opened it, Harry jumped at me, literately "Well hello to you too curly" I said after he got off of me and helped me up "Sorry" He said and sat down, I have to admit Harry is adorable but sometimes he can be obnoxious, I sat down next to him and played with his curls "Candy?" "Mhm" "I love you" He said and pulled me closer to him, of course with the flirt he is he kissed me, Harsh and rough is what is kiss is 'hmm Carry or Handy?' I thought to myself.

A/N: Sorry it was so short guys! The next chapter will be much longer.

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