The Neice

Brooke Cowell lived in the shadows of her little sister

She was better than her at almost everything

But when her uncle Simon Cowell tells Brooke and her sister Michelle that they are moving in with him after unfortunate events

Brook meets five people that will change her life forever
One Direction

And there is just one rule Uncle Simon had told them

"She is off limits"

But all rules are meant to be broken


7. Trust


“You can be a little nicer to him Harry.” I said rather annoyed with Harry. Ever since me and Dylan had been seeing each other Harry has been a dick to him every time he came over.



  “I barely even know him I don’t need to do anything.” He spat then walked upstairs to his room which he shared with Louis, and I followed.



  “Well it would be nice if you could just say two words to him and not just ignore him!”



  “Well it would be nice if you stopped talking!” He screamed back at me.



  “Prick” I muttered under my breath then walked out of his room and down to the kitchen.



  “Are you guys still fighting.” Zayn asked his eyes glued to the television.



  “Well it isn’t my fault he is such an arse.”



  “And it isn’t my fault you are such a bitch.” Harry said coming down the stairs.



  “I am not a bitch.” I said and he scoffed.



  “Yes you are. You have been one ever since we met.”



  “Well maybe if you weren’t so sex crazed I would have been a little nicer.” I spat at him.



  “Are you ever going to let that go?” He asked and I shook my head.



  “No. And it wasn’t even that long ago. It was like three weeks ago.” I reminded him and he shrugged.



  “Whatever.” He said then walked past me and out the door.



  “Brooke you are going to kill me.” Louis said coming down the stairs cautiously.



 “Louis what did you do?” I asked nearing him and he held up his phone.



 “Simon called. He wants you to go back to college.”



  “What?! No!”



  “It isn’t really a choice. He already enrolled you in a community college. You start on Monday.” He said patting my head and walking into the kitchen leaving my wide eyed.



  “What about Michelle?! That walking nightmare is younger than me so if anyone is going to school it is going to be her.” I hissed following Louis into the kitchen.



  “Calm down. She is going into her last year in high school on Monday ok?”









  It has been six hours since Harry had left the house and it was around midnight now. All they boys where worried and I had to admit I was too. I knew he was mad at me when he left so I could only imagine what was running through his mind.



  I turned on the TV wanting to get my mind off Harry but sadly I couldn’t. Because all over the television screen was a picture of Harry in hand cuffs and I felt my body go numb. As if on cue my phone started ringing and I let out a sigh before answering it.



  “Hello?” I asked praying that Harry was ok.



  “Brooke.” Harry’s raspy tone said through the phone.



  “Harry what the hell did you do!?” I hissed at him.



  “It doesn’t matter I just need you to get me out of here.”



  “How?! I don’t have the money to get you out. Jesus Harry wait you realize you are all over the news?! Simon is going to kill you.” I rambled on running my fingers through my hair.



  “Brooke! I have to go just listen to me. There is money in my wallet that is in a pair of jeans sitting on my bed. Grab it and come down here and get me out. Don’t tell the lads.” He instructed and I sighed.






  “Thank you. I will see you in a little bit.” He said about to hang up but I stopped him.



  “Wait Harry!”






  “Be safe. Please.” I pleaded and I heard the phone call end. I sighed and walked out of my room and knocked on Michelle’s door. She had apologized to me on many occasions but I still had not fully forgiven her. I wasn’t sure if I ever could.



  “I need you to do me a big favor. I need you to go downstairs and distract the boys. I don’t care how you do it but you need to go and do it now. Don’t ask any questions just go. I will make it up to you later.”



  “How?” She asked and I shrugged.



  “I don’t know but you need to do it for at least a half an hour.” I said then walked out and into Harry and Louis’ room. I saw two beds, one that was an absolute mess and another that was half neat with about three pairs of jeans on it. I walked over to the bed and checked every pocket until I found the wallet.



  I decided to go out the back door considering the boys where not getting fooled by Michelle’s “distraction”. I instantly regretted not brining a jacket as soon as I stepped outside.



  I was going to fucking kill Harry.



  Jail is not exactly where you want to be on a Friday night. And especially this one. It was creepy as hell. The walls where a dull shade of white and it took some convincing to let the officer let me go inside considering I left my ID at home but I managed to work my way in and pay his bail.



  A man led me down a hallway before opening a door to yet another dulled white room. I walked inside and saw Harry sitting down on a bench inside a cell his head inside his hands. I cleared my throat and his head shot up.



  “Can I leave?” He asked eagerly and the officer turned a key to open the cell door letting him out. That’s when I realized Harry’s condition. He had a cut on the top of his forehead and dried blood down the side of his face from the cut. His lip was cracked and bleeding and his hands where cut up.



  “Harry what happened?” I whispered lightly touching the cut on his forehead and he winced in pain and I immediately removed my hand.



  “Nothing let’s just go home.”



  When me and Harry approached the house and saw the lights still on we took the back door and I dragged him into my room and sat him on the bed.



  “Talk.” I instructed sitting down next to him.



  “It was nothing I just uh got into a fight.” He said and I knew he was lying.



  “Harry I didn’t just go and bail you out of jail because you just got into a fight now tell me the truth.”



  “I am. I got into a fight with someone and he ended up getting away.” He said and I saw him tense up with anger.



  “Who was it? Harry what did you do?” I asked putting my hand on his shoulder and I felt his muscles relax.



  “It’s nothing Brooke.”



  “Harry!” I yelled in frustration and he sighed.



  “You can’t get mad at me.” He warned and I nodded praying he didn’t do anything to stupid.



  “I was walking back home after going to the cabin and I uh I saw…” He stopped speaking for a minute then continued. “I saw Dylan with another girl.” He finished and it felt like my heart stopped.



  “Then when he saw me he just punched me claiming I took you from him and that’s when I punched him back and it just became a mess after that and he ended up running away when he heard the cops leaving me there. Brooke I uh…” I cut him off by standing up.



  “I should uh I should really help you clean up your head.” I said tears prickling at the rim of my eyes then walked into the bathroom attached to my bedroom and ran a washcloth under the sink, the tears making my vision blurry. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. I felt like a complete idiot for falling for it. Twice.



  “Brooke. Look at me.” Harry’s voice said from behind me and I shook my head.






  “Brooke look at me.” He demanded his voice more powerful than before but I still refused.






  “Brooke!” Harry said frustrated and he grabbed my wrist turning me around so that I face him. He placed my wrist gently on his broad chest and placed his fore head to mine.



  “It’s ok.” He whispered and I shook my head again.



  “N-no. It’s not. I-I fell for it again.” I said walking out of the bathroom and sitting down on the bed putting my knees to my chest



  “How could I be so stupid!” I yelled putting my hands in my head and releasing the tears that flooded my eyes.



  “Brooke it wasn’t your fault. You had no idea.” Harry whispered putting his head on my knees. I looked up at him and realized he was still bleeding. I took the washcloth that was still in my hand and gently pressed it to his fore head making him wince yet again.



  “Stand up.” I ordered getting off the bed.






  “Please. Just stand.” I said blinking away the tears in my eyes. The last thing I wanted to do right now was cry. Harry let out a small sigh before listening to me and standing up. I walked closer to him and pressed the cloth to his pink lips our eyes never loosing contact. I dabbed the cloth on his cut slowly and traveled down his face wiping up the dry blood getting lost in his green eyes.



  I kept moving closer until I felt his plump lips on mine and he didn’t even hesitate before kissing my back. Our lips danced as he put his hands protectively on my hips. I flung my arms around his neck and dropped the cloth to the floor. He laid me down gently on the bed and laid himself on top of me placing gentle kisses on my neck making me moan lightly. Just then reality hit me. What if Harry did the exact same thing to me as Kyle and Dylan did?



  “Harry I can’t” I stopped him sitting up and he furrowed his eyebrows.






  “I can’t be hurt again. I just can’t.” I admitted sitting up in bed. Harry did the same and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.



  “I won’t hurt you. You need to trust me.” He whispered in my ear his lips lingering. I felt chills up and down my spine.



  “I know you won’t. But I just can’t right now. I’m sorry.” I said and he kissed the top of my head.



  “It’s ok. I should go tell the lads I am ok.” He said getting up and heading for the door.



  “Wait!” I called and he turned around.



  “Can you stay with me? Please?” I asked and he nodded before turning off the light. I turned over on my side and lifted the duvet over me. I heard the sound of Harry’s jeans dropping to the floor along with his shirt.



  That fricking tease.



   I felt his strong arm wrap around my figure and his bare chest pressed against my back. His head rested in the crook of my neck and the last thing I heard before falling asleep was him humming the words to an Ed Sheeran song.


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