The Neice

Brooke Cowell lived in the shadows of her little sister

She was better than her at almost everything

But when her uncle Simon Cowell tells Brooke and her sister Michelle that they are moving in with him after unfortunate events

Brook meets five people that will change her life forever
One Direction

And there is just one rule Uncle Simon had told them

"She is off limits"

But all rules are meant to be broken


4. Fight


“Is Brooke here?” I asked Michelle who had opened the door. I felt bad for what I said to Brooke earlier so I wanted to apologize.

“I don’t think so. Come in she will be home soon.” She said opening the door more signaling for me to walk in. Michelle pulled me to the couch, after doing something with her phone and sat basically on top of me. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat trying my best to move away from her. 

“Will you excuse me for a minute?” I said getting up and rushing to the bathroom. I quickly locked the door and sighed in relief when I was away from her. I was tempted to just leave and find Brooke later but I knew she wouldn’t want to talk to me and this was probably the only chance I had.

I took a deep breath before returning back to Michelle. I sat as far away from her as possible but she just moved closer to me.

“You have really nice hair.” She said playing with my curls.

“Uh…thanks” I said awkwardly. About ten minutes later I have had enough with her shameless flirting and decided to leave.

“I will just talk to her tomorrow.” 

“Wait!” Michelle said and I turned around and the next thing I knew she had grabbed my face and attached her lips to mine. I pushed her off me and froze when I saw Brooke standing there.

“Nice one Harry.” She spat at me before storming upstairs.

“Brooke wait!” I called after her and followed her up the stairs.

“It wasn’t what it looked like!”

“It looked like you where kissing Michelle! And I don’t even care Harry! Go have fun! But you proved my point! You are giving me no reason what so ever to make me think good about you!” She yelled in my face and was about to close her bedroom door but I held it open.

“It wasn’t what it looked like Brooke! Just listen to me!” I yelled in frustration. It was like no matter what she did she could always get under my skin. She crossed her arms and started to tap her foot.

“I came over to apologize for yelling at you earlier and Michelle said to wait until you came home but she started to cling to me so I got up to leave but before I could go she grabbed me and kissed me. I did not kiss her!” I explained and Brooke looked pissed. And I have seen her mad before but not this mad. 

She totally ignored me and stormed off.


I felt bad for just completely going off on Harry when he did absolutely nothing. The fact that he came to apologize to me and I just blew up on him made me feel like a complete bitch but I just wanted to talk to Michelle. Ok not talk more like claw her eyes out for doing that. 

“Michelle!” I screamed walking down the stairs to find her watching TV.

“Why the hell did you kiss him!?” I screamed pulling her up by the arm so she was face to face with me.

“Ow! Don’t touch me!”

“Answer the question.” I demanded letting go of her arm.

“Is Brooke jealous?” She asked and I scoffed

“Please I would be happier kissing a dog rather than kissing him.”

“I am standing right here!” Harry stated but I ignored him.

“I never said you where jealous that I kissed him. Maybe you are jealous because guys actually like me and they just use you to get to me!” She yelled and I had enough. I slapped her across the face and in a matter of seconds she had grabbed my hair trying to punch me. But that was one advantage I had against her. I could fight. 

I pushed her off me and she jumped up instantly trying to grab my hair again. Before she could I grabbed hers and punched her straight in the face. I felt a pair of large hands wrap around my waist and lift me off of Michelle.

“Let me go!” I demanded squirming in Harry’s grasp.

“Not until you promise not to hit her again.”

“Why the whore deserves it.” I spat at a now crying Michelle.

“Even if she does Simon will kill you if he finds out.” 

“Fine I am calm.” I said and he let me go but not fully. He still had one hand on my shoulder making sure I wouldn’t go after Michelle.

Smart boy.

“What is going on?” I heard Simon say as he entered the house.

“She hit me!” Michelle cried and Simon looked at me.
“She started it by opening her disgusting slutty mouth!”



And that was it. Michelle lost it when I called her that. She practically jumped on me and punched me right in the nose. I swung at her but missed and before I knew it I was on top of Michelle pulling her hair.

“Girls enough!” Simon yelled and yet again Harry lifted me off of Brooke but this time he didn’t let me go. He kept is hands wrapped tightly around my waist while Simon had sat Michelle down on the couch. 

“Harry Styles if pick me up one more time it will be you on the floor next time!” I yelled and he chuckled.

“I will take my chances.” He chuckled again and I glared at him. I looked down at the floor and I saw probably both mine and Michelle’s hair on the floor. It was then when I realized my nose was bleeding. And throbbing.

“Harry go clean up Brooke I will deal with Michelle.” Simon ordered and Harry carried me to the bathroom.

“I can walk you fucker.” I spat as he sat me on the counter.

“Don’t get mad at me because of your sister. I am just trying to help.” He said holding out a piece of toilet paper to help with the blood coming from my nose.

“Well you have done enough.” I said taking the toilet paper out of his hand and putting it to my nose. I winced in pain when I touched it though.

“You ok?” 

“Does it look like I am ok? That bitch broke my nose!” I yelled.

“Ok calm down maybe it isn’t broken.” He said then poked my nose making me wince in pain again.

“Ow Harry!” I moaned in pain and he smirked at me.

“This is not the time to be pervy!” I shrieked. In all honesty I just wanted to cry right now. My nose was killing me and I didn’t have the best tolerance when it came to pain. And right now Harry was not helping.

“Sorry. I think you should get this looked at Brooke.” He said and I stiffened.

“No. I am fine.” I lied. I hated hospitals. They reminded me of death. I watched my father die in one and ever since then I have not gone back to one.

“Then move your nose.” He said and I gulped before taking my hand to my nose. I grabbed it with my shaking hand and slowly moved it to the side.

“Ow!” I screamed choking back on tears.

“That’s what I thought. Now let’s go.” He said taking my hand so he could help me off the counter but I pulled it back.

“No! I am not going.” I refused and he sighed.

“Brooke you need to make sure your nose isn’t broken.”

“Even if it is it will heal. I don’t need a doctor to tell me that.” I said crossing my arms.

“Brooke can you stop being so damn stubborn and just let me take you to the hospital.” He said throwing his head back in frustration. 





“Ok! I don’t want to go because I don’t need Michelle feeling all accomplished that she broke my nose.” I half lied and he rolled his eyes.

“We will go out the back.” He said and I gulped. I knew I was going to get out of this.

“Fine.” I sighed and he reached out his hand again but this time I took it and hopped off the counter.

Harry managed to sneak me past Simon and Michelle, and I was now sitting in a chair as a nurse continued to touch my nose. I couldn’t help but let a tear fall down my face from the pain.

“I think it is just bruised but just to be safe you should get it x-rayed.” She said and I sighed. The nurse directed me to go sit in the waiting room and when I sat down memories flooded back to me. I remember being in this same waiting room when my father was in here. Chills ran up and down my body.

“You ok?” Harry asked snapping me out of my trance.

“Yeah perfect you know I am only in a hospital with a possibly broken nose.” I replied sarcastically. 

“My god will you just calm down. It could be a lot worse you know. You could be in the hospital for a much worse reason.” He huffed and I was about to say something but a nurse called me in to an x ray room. Oh great.


I was sitting in the waiting room for about a half an hour before Brooke walked out.

“Can we go now.” She said obviously annoyed. I didn’t know what was wrong with her. Ever since we got to the hospital she has been quiet and when she did talk she was just her bitchy self.

“What did they say?”

“It isn’t broken. Just bruised. Now can we go. It has been a long night and I just want to relax.” She said running her fingers through her long brown hair.

“Ok calm down we are leaving now.” I said standing up from my seat while Brooke was already half way to the exit.

“So are you going to tell me why you were so off in there?” I asked as we were walking back to Simon’s.

“Just a long day.” She responded and just as I was about to say something I heard and saw about ten people rush up to me and Brooke with cameras. Paparazzi.

“Harry who is this?”

“Is she your girlfriend?”

“What happened to the other girl you were with a few days ago.”

“Harry Styles I am going to kill you!” Brooke yelled as people flashed pictures of the two of us.

“Follow me.” I said grabbing her hand and running towards an alleyway. 

“Remind me never to go out in public with you ever again.” She panted out of breath.

“Oh it wasn’t that bad.”

“Not that bad? They wouldn’t stop with the questions! By the way Styles who was this girl you were with?” Brooke asked raising her eyebrow and I chuckled.

“Some girl I was talking to. She was drunk and I was walking her home.” 

“And by walk home you mean to your flat?” She asked and my eyes widened.

“Uh” I stammered and she rolled her eyes.

“My god Harry.”

“I am not that bad you know.”

“Yeah I will believe that one when you can actually prove it.” She said and I sighed.

“Come with me.” I said grabbing her hand again.


“Harry where are we going. I want to go home.” I whined as Harry dragged me somewhere. I should have never opened my mouth.

“We are here.” He said and my mouth dropped when I saw what was in front of me. It was a lake, the water was almost purple and there was a dock leading out to the middle of it. On the other side of the lake was a forest with the moon shining above it.

“Wow” I breathed and he nodded.

“That isn’t the best part.” He said and I gave him a confused look.

“We are going to swim to the other side.”

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