The Neice

Brooke Cowell lived in the shadows of her little sister

She was better than her at almost everything

But when her uncle Simon Cowell tells Brooke and her sister Michelle that they are moving in with him after unfortunate events

Brook meets five people that will change her life forever
One Direction

And there is just one rule Uncle Simon had told them

"She is off limits"

But all rules are meant to be broken


11. Dance


After Harry left I sat alone in my room. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to see Michelle, I just wanted to see my mom. She was the one person I could talk to. The one person I could tell everything to without getting judged and that exactly what I needed right now.


  Just to talk.


  Harry had promised that he would find a way to talk to Simon and make him see differently but I knew Simon and I knew he wouldn’t budge. A part of me just wanted to give up on me and Harry. And the only thing stopping me was that I had completely fallen for him. And I wanted him to myself. I didn’t want to try and keep it a secret. I just wanted Harry. I wanted to be able to go out in public with him like any normal couple.


  I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I looked at myself in the mirror and cringed. I was a wreck.  My normally straight hair was terribly frizzy and curly, my makeup had worn off so all that’s left was a black shadow around my eyes. The mirror quickly got clouded with the steam from the shower and I sighed.  I pulled my shirt and bra over my head and put it in the hamper along with my pants and underwear.


  I climbed into the steaming hot shower and let the high pressured water beat down in between my shoulder blades, and I slowly began to relax. I ran my fingers through my hair and guided the shampoo out.


  Once out of the shower I wasted no time in getting dressed. Throwing on a light blue jumper and dark jeans I took out my phone and plugged in my headphones. The lyrics to ‘Daylight’ started to fill my mind and I lightly hummed along picking up the articles of clothing that were scattered around my room and putting them in the hamper.


  Various songs continued to play and it took me a good ten minutes to realize I was jumping up and down like a complete idiot. I yanked the headphones out of the phone and put it in my iHome. The music started blasting through the tiny speaker and I smirked and began dancing again.


  My hips swayed back and forth as I looked at the random things on lying messily around my room. Most of it was just junk that I had collected when I was younger but I didn’t care. For the first time in a little while I was enjoying myself.


  After about fifteen minutes I started belting out the lyrics horribly off key and laughing at myself in the mirror. Twirling around in a circle something caught my eye. Or should I say someone.


  “Holy shit!” I screeched clutching my chest and staring at a laughing Harry who was leaning on the door frame.


  “You know there is something called knocking Styles! Jesus you could have given me a heart attack! What the fuck?!” I shouted at him turning off the music.


  “Sorry. I heard the music and figured you would sing so I wanted to hear but I regret it.” He burst into another fit of laughter as he referred to my bellowing.


  “Well why are you even here anyway?!” I asked defensively getting annoyed with him.  He knew exactly how to get me pissed off and knew exactly when to push my buttons. To be honest I have no idea why I like him.


  “Oh will you calm down. I just came to see you.” He chuckled and walked past me sitting on my bed.


  “Oh by the way I especially liked your rendition of I just had sex. Really good.” He laughed again and I gasped.


  “You heard that?!” I shrieked covering my face in shame.


  “Brooke everyone in London heard that one.”


  “Stop!” I whined smacking his shoulder. “It’s not my fault you decided to just walk in here.”


  “Who buys that song?!” He defended himself.


  “I don’t know! I wanted to buy the song!”


  “Where you horny?” He asked with a smirk spread across his face and I lost my breath.


  “Oh my god Harry! You’re disgusting!”


  “No I’m not! It’s a pretty natural thing Brooke. By the way you never did say no.” He laughed and I smacked him upside the head.


  “Will you stop!” I hissed and buried my head in my hands. “I don’t know why I am even asking this but what else did you hear me sing?” I asked and Harry held back a laugh.


  “Well you sang Beez in the Trap lovely” He started and I groaned. “ Summer of 69 you actually did sing good so I will give you that. And oh yeah Your Body. Which I have to admit was hot.”


  “Oh dear god. I am putting a lock on my door.” I sulked as Harry continued to laugh.


  “Will you shut up! It’s not funny! Just embarrassing!” I exclaimed running my fingers through my hair.


  “You’re cute when you blush.”


  “Thanks.” I said sarcastically crossing my arms.


  “Oh don’t be like that!” He chuckled and threw his arm around me pulling me close to him.


  “I’m never singing again.” I mumbled and covered my face in embarrassment.


  “Why not? You’re good! Seriously Brooke your uncle is Simon Cowell. You know how quick he can get you a record deal? Why don’t you just do it.”


  “Because! I’m not you. I don’t like singing in front of people. Especially a bunch of people screaming and jumping up and down expecting me to do good. Because then if I fuck up everyone will look at me like I suck and will just start to ‘boo’ me and”


  “Woah. I think you are getting ahead of yourself. Just try recording something.” Harry tried to calm me down but I just shook my head.


  “No. Because if people actually do like it, it will lead to what I just explained.”


  “But say you don’t mess up. Say you do good. And those people who were “booing” you actually cheer and scream for you because you did good. Then what?” Harry asked and I opened my mouth but nothing came out.


  “Then uh then. You’re confusing me!” I jumped up from the bed and out of his arms.


  “No I’m not you just don’t want to think about it. I have to get going. I will see you later.” He said kissing me on the cheek and walking out.


  “Damn you Styles!” I shouted as he closed the door. Groaning I fell back on my bed and put my hands on my forehead.


  What if it did go good?


  No that’s ridiculous.


  “I’m going to fucking kill him” I thought out loud. I turned on my side and spotted the iHome and smirked. Hopping off the bed and pressing play I started to sing but this time on key.  I kept thinking about what Harry had said and kept thinking about it. The part in me that actually wanted to sing grew a little bigger but I just shrugged it off. I didn’t really know what to do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep my singing secret or just cover a song and record it. But I did know one thing.


  I wanted to fucking dance.



I gave you all a extra chapter today guys because I'm not gonna be updating for a while..

  School's a fudging MESS! (Sorry for the language problems!)

  I'll update when I can,   I hope you guys like it!  

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