The Neice

Brooke Cowell lived in the shadows of her little sister

She was better than her at almost everything

But when her uncle Simon Cowell tells Brooke and her sister Michelle that they are moving in with him after unfortunate events

Brook meets five people that will change her life forever
One Direction

And there is just one rule Uncle Simon had told them

"She is off limits"

But all rules are meant to be broken


10. Caught


My mouth felt insanely dry and my palms where sweaty. I didn’t expect to see him here. I didn’t expect to see him at all.


  “What are you doing here?” I managed to get out but it didn’t come out as harsh as I wanted it to.


  “I moved here about a year ago. Look Brooke I just want you to know.” Before he could say anything else I cut him off.


  “Don’t. I don’t want to hear it.” I told him coldly.


  “Just let me explain.” He pleaded and I rolled my eyes.


  “There’s nothing to explain! You cheated on me. Simple as that.” I spat at him and he let out a groan.


  “Jesus Brooke let me talk! Maybe if you were a little more understanding and not so uptight all the time I wouldn’t have had sex with Mia! Why don’t you try having fun!” He yelled and I let a tear fall from my eye and down my cheek.


  “Fuck you.” I croaked and stormed away. Seeing his face again brought back all the memories. The memories that I shared with him that I used to cherish and now I hate thinking about them. I wiped the tears from my eyes when I got into Harry’s car that I had begged him to use and pulled out my phone to text Steph explaining everything and how I can’t meet her. As I started to drive Kyle’s face kept appearing in my mind. I couldn’t shake the image of him. He hasn’t changed at all. His short light brown hair is still pushed back slickly so that you could see his light green eyes, I trembled at the thought of him.


  Before I knew it I was pulling up to Simon’s house. Seeing there was no cars in the drive way I let out a sigh of relief but also disappointment filled me. I wanted to be alone but also wanted to see Harry. I walked inside and set Harry’s keys down on the counter and entered the living room to see Harry sitting down watching TV.


  “Why are you home and why are you crying?” He asked and I quickly debated on whether I should tell him about Kyle or not.


  “I uh its nothing I just ran in to someone I didn’t want to see.” I explained sitting down next to him.


  “Was it Dylan? If he hurt you again I swear Brooke.” Harry threatened clenching his fists and I shook my head.


  “No Harry calm down it wasn’t Dylan.”


  “Then who was it?”


  “Kyle.” I answered emotionlessly, my eyes glued to the television. I could feel Harry’s eyes burning into me but I still refused to look at him. I wanted to try and keep my word to Simon.  Whatever me and Harry had I wanted to try and put it behind us.


  “Why won’t you look at me?” He asked and the words practically flew off my mouth.


  “I don’t want to get hurt again.”


  “You think I am going to hurt you?” He asked moving closer to me and cupping my face  so that I was forced to look at him. His touch made my skin burn. At this moment I had forgotten about Kyle and well Simon.


  “No.” I answered his question looking into his green eyes that where now filled with lust.


  “So tell me the real reason you won’t look at me.” He ordered pushing a stray piece of hair behind my ear.


  “Because this is wrong.”


  “It isn’t wrong if nobody knows about it.” He whispered in my ear and placed a soft kiss right below it.


  Usually in this situation I would have immediately pulled away and disagreed but there was something about Harry that showed a different side of me. I wanted to kiss him. Yet I stood still as he continued to nibble on my ear. Something was holding me back. I had a feeling in my gut that something was bound to go wrong, but I pushed it aside.


  I lifted his lips from my neck and hungrily crashed mine against his. He was surprised for a second but he quickly began to kiss me back passionately. His hands grasped my hips tightly and hoisted me onto his lap so I was now straddling him. My hands pushed down on his chest as our lips moved in sync. I felt the warmth of his palms go under my shirt lifting it up slightly as he lightly moved his hands up and down my back.


  “What the hell is going on?!” Someone yelled and I practically jumped off of Harry and straightened my shirt. I looked up to see a rather angry Simon shooting daggers at me and Harry. I looked at Harry with worried eyes but I could tell we were both at a loss for words.


  “Well?” Simon asked tapping his foot on the floor.


  I gulped and ran my fingers through my hair before talking. “What are you doing back?”


  “I have a meeting that I was told about last minute. Now what is going on?” Simon ordered but I stayed quiet. I didn’t know what to say. I shouldn’t have kissed Harry. I should have listened to my gut.


  “Simon I uh.” Harry began but Simon held up his hand and shook his head.


  “Just go. I will talk to you later.” Simon told Harry disappointment dripping from his voice. Harry looked at me one more time and mouthed me a “sorry” before getting up and leaving. Once he was gone Simon and I just stood there the room filled with silence.


  “So are you going to explain?” He asked breaking the silence and I sighed throwing my hands down on my thighs.


  “What is the big deal? Why can’t I see him?” I questioned not sure if I wanted to know the answer.


  “Because I said so. I don’t want you seeing him.”  He told me firmly and walked upstairs to his room. I quickly took out my phone and saw that I had a text.



Sorry I just walked out. Simon will calm down soon don’t worry x


A part of me felt a relief when Harry texted me. But it just made me realize that one of the best things I have ever had might be gone.





  I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing loudly on the nightstand next to me. I quickly grabbed it hoping it was Harry but I found my mouth go dry when I saw the number of my mother’s rehab appear on my phone. I knew she was going to be released soon but I didn’t expect it to be now.


  “Hello?” I answered shakily wondering what my mother even sounded like.


  “Brooke. It is so nice to talk to you again.” My mother replied in a croaky voice but it sounded better then when I had talked to her before.


  “You too uh I thought the doctors wouldn’t let you use your phone?” I questioned. Usually after a few weeks people where allowed to use technology but my mother would use her phone to remind her of my father which would add on to her drinking problem.


  “Simon didn’t tell you?” She asked her voice rising as she questioned me.


  “No.” I told her thinking back to Simon catching me and Harry last night.


  “Oh ok then. Well Simon invited me to stay with you and Michelle at his house until I could get back up on my feet.” She said with a happy tone in her voice. “I should be there later tonight.” She continued and I smiled. It had only been about a month but I missed my mom.


  “Should I pick you up?” I asked finally sitting up on bed and rubbing my hands together nervously.


  “No Simon has a car for me. I have to go and pack up my things I will see you later tonight Brooke. Tell your sister I called.” She explained and I nodded knowing she couldn’t see me.


  “Ok.” I said before I heard the click of the phone. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes taking in the quietness. I heard the door creak open then close again and heard someone’s footsteps nearing me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Harry sitting down on the bed next to me.


  “What are you doing here?” I asked moving closer to him.


  “Packing my stuff. Simon is send us back to our flats. He’s pissed.” Harry breathed out and my heart became heavy.


  “Is he still here?” I questioned changing the subject and Harry shook his head.


  “No he left ten minutes ago. He doesn’t want us anywhere near each other.” Harry explained and I rested my head on his shoulder.


  “We should have been more careful.” I whispered. “I mean if we were just a little more cautious we could have easily avoided this.” I continued looking down at my hands. Harry slung an arm around my shoulder and placed a light kiss on the top of my forehead.


  “Don’t worry.” He said calmly but I could sense the worry in him. I didn’t say anything though. I just stayed quiet and so did Harry. We both knew this was going to be the last few minutes we had for a while and I didn’t want to spend it snogging the life out of him. I just wanted to spend it with him. And only him.


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