Her Bully

18 year old Violet Teasdale is Lou Teasdale's neice. Of course, almost no one knows that. one of the only people to know is Harry Styles, her bully. They used to be the best of freinds, since age 4. But then when Violet's brother Kyle, died, Harry made everyone turn on her, because he thought she killed him. Of course, this isn't true, Harry doesn't even know her side of the story. But what if one day, after 4 years of being bullied she tries to end it all, because of him? What if Harry then looks at her differently? (There will be some sexual scenes!!!)


37. Pale White Room

Louis' POV

We were all crowded around Violet's hospital bed, the only noise coming from the machines. Seeing her body so weak and pale broke my heart, she was always so strong and now she's taken down. Her complexion seemed so pale that it seemed to blind me, her ghost white skin makeing me feel as if she was dead.

I try not to let these negative thoughts cloud my brain, negativity is always one way to tear a person down, and there is no way I'm being taken down. 'Positivity. Positivity.' I kept repeating to myself over and over as a method to calm myself.

"Oh, Violet. If only I had been there to save you..." I muttered, trying not to be heard. "Louis," Liam mumbled, "It wasn't your fault. It had nothing to do with you, remember that Styles is the one at fault."

With a sigh i looked down and nodded, it wasn't my fault. It was all Harry. But that one piece of mind said otherwise.

"Lou...." I looked up and met the crystal blue eyes of the irish man, so depressed and helpless, with tears forming in them.

"W-what if she doesn't make it? I-i-i-f she dies... I w-won't be a-a-able to sing any-y-more. She was like my b-best-t friend... my sister-r-r." He wailed of the pain in his heart, holding onto Violet's hand for dear life, desperately wanting to stay.

"We can't lose her, sh-sh-e i-is our angel."

I myself shed tears at his state, it was upsetting to see Niall cry. I knew his heart was broken and it would take years to mend that, or just Violet being awake and healthy.

"Ni, don't think like that. She's going to make it. I promise you and it will all be okay in the end, even if the band breaks up. We'll all be fine and well, and Violet is going to be playing soccer with us in just a couple weeks, I swear."


"It's all your fault! You monster! How could you be so careless!" Niallc ried out as he jumped for Harry when we exited Violet's room.

Harry's eyes went wide and he tried to escape, failing miserably as Niall started throwing punches.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw flashes going off and I heard faint clicks, paparazzi. Of course they would be here at the most tragic times, the time when we need privacy and not some made up story that will turn into a riot.

I can tell this won't end well.


"One Direction's Harry Styles' former girlfriend, Violet Teasdale is currently in the hospital for severe cutting on her wrists. Doctors say she is fine and will be able to come out soon; but will One Direction ever break up? This is the question we've been trying to answer. Just last night at 8 even, former member Niall Horan was seen tackling Harry to the ground and throwing punches at him? What could have happened to these brothers and why did they fight? Keep yourself tuned in for more information!"

"This. This is absolute BULL. SHIT."

"SHe isn't even my girlfriwend so they need to shut the fuck up!" Harry yelled from the kitchen, fury in his words as they slipped out.



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