Her Bully

18 year old Violet Teasdale is Lou Teasdale's neice. Of course, almost no one knows that. one of the only people to know is Harry Styles, her bully. They used to be the best of freinds, since age 4. But then when Violet's brother Kyle, died, Harry made everyone turn on her, because he thought she killed him. Of course, this isn't true, Harry doesn't even know her side of the story. But what if one day, after 4 years of being bullied she tries to end it all, because of him? What if Harry then looks at her differently? (There will be some sexual scenes!!!)


7. My Life Story part 1

Harry's P.O.V

Violet and Louis came into the kitchen. one of Louis' arms was draped over her shoulder and Violet smiled at us, her dimples showing. Louis sat next to Liam, who sat next to Violet. I was across from Liam, Zayn on one side, Lou on the other. Violet placed something on the table, and it looked very familiar. The it hit me, her photo album.

Liam's P.O.V

"Are you going to eat Violet?," Lou asked Violet, who was staring at what looked like a photo album/scrapbook thing. She sighed, and shook her head. "but why? I thought you loved food," Lou said. "I used to love food," Violet explained. "But why don't you love food anymore," Louis asked. Violet shrugged. Niall yelled, "YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MY WORLD!!! HOW DARE YOU NOT LOVE FOOD!!! jk, but seriously, how does someone not like food?" She shrugged once more and Lou looked worried. "Can we not talk about it?," Violet asked. We all nodded and I said, "Violet? You know you have to eat food." She sighed and she said, through gritted teeth, "I said: I don't want to talk about it?" Harry said, sarcastically, "Whoa there. Don't mess with her! She's gonna besat you up!" Violet stormed out of the kitchen and I asked Lou, "Can i go talk to her?"

Harry's P.O.V

I think I know exactly why Violet doesn't eat. We call her fat, she obviously doesn't want to be fat. "Can I go talk to her?," Liam asked Lou. Lou responded, "of course Liam, you know how to make people feel better." Liam got up and went to look for Violet.

Violet's P.O.V

I sat on my bed, head in hands, tears streaming down my face. Why is life so difficult? I know I'm probably anorexic, my dad barely fed me, i don't even eat, sooo yeah. I heard a knock onmy bedroom door. Shakly, i asked, "W-who is i-it?" "it's me, Liam." i opened the door to Liam and said, "Sorry if I look like a mess, but you can come in." I wiped my tears as he said, "It's fine I really don't mind." "You know, that's probably the first time no one cared how I look." "What do you mean?," Liam asked. I said, "I have to tell you my whole life story, but promise me you won't tell a single soul anything about this." "I promise," he said, sincerity clearly in his voice. we sat on my king sized bed and I started, "well, I'm18 years old, born August 20. My mother's name is Sandra something- she's married to some other guy. My father's name is... I'mnot saying his name, but 1 thing I can tell you.... h-he abuses me, physically, sometimes verbally. I-I have a brother named Ky-Kyle Teasdale and he is 21 years old. he was stabbed about 4 years ago, and that's when the bullying and abuse started. i'm probably anorexic, my dad barely feeds me, and I don't even eat....."


A/N: this is allI could get!!! her life story will continue in the next chapter, don't worry....

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