Her Bully

18 year old Violet Teasdale is Lou Teasdale's neice. Of course, almost no one knows that. one of the only people to know is Harry Styles, her bully. They used to be the best of freinds, since age 4. But then when Violet's brother Kyle, died, Harry made everyone turn on her, because he thought she killed him. Of course, this isn't true, Harry doesn't even know her side of the story. But what if one day, after 4 years of being bullied she tries to end it all, because of him? What if Harry then looks at her differently? (There will be some sexual scenes!!!)


23. "I'm so much better than her Harry" -Fan

Harry's P.O.V

Violet and I fed each other, she was the cutest thing on earth. In the universe. She was beautiful, my beautiful girl. Speaking of 'mine', I need to ask her to be my girlfriend. I love her, and she loves me. I've read her diary, saying she loves me, but I didn't want to say it right away, I didn't want to push her. I stared at her, the beauty in front of me. My angel from above. Our eyes met and her cheeks flushed, but she didn't look away. I could see her swallow nervously and I smirked, knowing that I make her nervous. I grabbed her hand and kissed it, and out of the corner of my eye I saw.... Flashes. Ugh. Stupid paps. 2 girls came up to us. One was tall and looked about 16 and the other one was about 13. "Ummm... Hi," they younger one said. I waved and Violet just looked away. "Can I have a picture? With you, too," she said, pointing at Violet. "Huh? Wait. No. Why me?," V asked.

Violet's P.O.V

"You are Harry's girlfriend right?" "Well..." My vision went over to Harry and he gave me a small nod. "Um yeah! Ok then." Harry grabbed the young girl and pulled his chair back, turning as he sat her on one knee. He grabbed my hand and I sat on his other knee as the older one took the picture. "Can I have one with each of you? Like, alone?," she shyly asked. "Of course," I said. We stood up and Harry moved out of the way as I took a picture with her. I took a picture with the other girl and she gave me a dirty look. Harry asked the older one if she wanted a picture with him and she squealed a bit and nodded. But I saw the uneasiness in Harry's eyes. He saw the look she gave me. He posed for the pic and she whispered something in his ear that made him snap. He growled and I got a little... Scared. I knew what Harry was capable of and that was what I was afraid of.

Harry's P.O.V

"Can I have  one with each of you? Like, alone?," she asked shyly. "Of course," Violet said. I moved out of the way as Violet took a picture with her. The other girl went to take a picture with her, the dirty look not going unnoticed. They took a picture, a fake smile on her face. The little 13 year old was actually excited to see us. Both of us. Not just me. I asked the older girl if she wanted a picture with me and she squealed and nodded. When we took the picture she whispered in my ear. "I'm so much better than her Harry" I growled and snapped. "So you have the decency to interrupt my day with my girl and then you tell me she's not good enough for me? What kind of person are you!?!" "Harry... It's ok. Just drop it," Violet whispered as she grabbed my forearm. I looked into her frightened eyes that were glazed over and then I looked at the girl. I sighed and apolagized to her. She wiped her eyes and said, "No Harry. I'm the one who should be sorry. It's just that... Well I feel like I'm never good enough and I just... Felt something in me. And I'm sorry," she said, looking at Violet. "You're just so pretty and I felt jealous, because I'm not as pretty as you. And I know sorry isn't enough but... I really am sorry," she finished.

Violet smiled and said, "It's ok, I was like in the same stage as you. But you'll find someone worth it, ok?" She smiled and hugged Violet, "Thank you," she mumbled. She nodded and hugged her. "And you're pretty, too" 


Carter's P.O.V (Surprise!)

I was sat inbetween Kyle's legs as the movie rolled on the plasma. My phone beeped and I saw it was a message. From Violet. I gasped and squealed, jumping up and down. 

Everyone looked at me as if I was a maniac. "What's wrong?," Kyle asked. "AHHHH!!!!" Niall asked, "What happened?" "WHERE'S LOU! LOU LOU LOU AHHHH GUESS WHAT!," I yelled at the crying girl. She wiped her eyes and I yelled at the top of my lungs. "VIOLET JUST TEXTED ME!" I sat on the couch and everyone crowded around. I unlocked my phone, hearing the heavy breathing from everyone. I read the text aloud, "Hey Carter! I've been wondering if you want to meet up at Starbucks tomorrow morning? We could use some catching up, and we haven't had much girl time. Bring the girls to. V kiss kiss" The actual text said, 'Hey Carter! I've been wondering if u want 2 meet up @ starbucks 2marow morning? We cud use sum catching up, & we havnt had much grl time. Bring the gurls 2. -V xx' 

Lou's P.O.V

I sighed in relief, knowing she was ok. "Hey? Where's Lux?," I heard Louis asked as we sat back down. "Shhh.... Sometimes she hides but you have to be quiet to hear her," she said. I heard cries and everyone shot up and I said, "Stop! I'll go. I think this is mommy o daughter business." They nodded and sat down and headed towards the cries of my baby girl. I found her, in her princess pj's, the teddy bear Violet gave her in her arms as she cried. "What's wrong Lux?," I asked her as I gently stroked her hair. "I," sob, "mish," sob, "VEEEEEEEEE!" I pulled hr into my arms. "I know you do but some things happened and she wanted to go." "To whe-oh?" "To Harry's house." "Can we go?" "No... But the girls are going tomorrow! You wanna ask them if you can go?" She nodded and jumped up, running downstairs. 


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