Her Bully

18 year old Violet Teasdale is Lou Teasdale's neice. Of course, almost no one knows that. one of the only people to know is Harry Styles, her bully. They used to be the best of freinds, since age 4. But then when Violet's brother Kyle, died, Harry made everyone turn on her, because he thought she killed him. Of course, this isn't true, Harry doesn't even know her side of the story. But what if one day, after 4 years of being bullied she tries to end it all, because of him? What if Harry then looks at her differently? (There will be some sexual scenes!!!)


25. Harry's girlfriend.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and felt the heat of another person on me. I looked down and saw my beautiful angel, Violet. The sheets were secured under ber arm, covering her body. The sheets were halfway down my torso and her head was on my chest. I sighed happily and looked at her, watching her sleep. Her slow and steady breathing, how her chest rises and falls with each breath. How her sweet breath hits my chest, and how she snuggles even closer to me. I gently brushed her hair out of her face and smiled, she's so perfect. I felt her move and her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at me and I kissed her forehead. "How long have you been up watching me?," she asked with a yawn and rubbing her eye. "I don't know. Long enough to watch you sleep." "Why would someone want to watch me sleep?" I smirked and said, "Because you're beautiful and mine, I can do that." She blushed and mumbled, "I love you Harry." I reciprocated, meaning every word. I heard her stomach growl and I giggled.

Violet's P.O.V

"You hungry?," he asked. I nodded and nuzzled my face into his neck, leaving little kisses. Harry's warm touch ran up and down my back, and I hummed, enjoying the feeling. "You don't have to make me breakfast though, I'm meeting with the girls at Starbucks," I explained to him. "Ok." I sat up and Harry's hand was on my lower back, thumb gently rubbing the area. I stood up and picked out my clothes, pulling them on. It was: a long tank top with a cross on it, denim high waisted shorts and black combat boots with studson the toe part. I grabbed my phone hich by the way, had Gunther from Adventure Time on it. I stuck it in my back pocket and I quickly brushed my hair, pulling it up into a messy bun and done. I put chapstick on and.... Ready! I looked back at Harry and he stood up, wrapping his arms around my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder. My arms wrapped around him, and I breathed in his scent. "I love you. Stay safe, ok?," he asked. I nodded and mumbled an 'I love you too' before pressing my lips to his. His lips were warm and soft, I wish I could kiss him forever. His lips so plump and tempting. 


I walked into the small coffee shop, immediately spotting the girls in the booth at the back. Lux was the first to see me. "V!," she yelled. She ran to me and I bent dow, catching her in my arms. "Hey boo, how you been?," I asked her. "I'm sad." "Why?," I asked, acting as if I didn't know. "You weft me." "I'm sorry boo. Maybe one day mummy can let you sleep over?" Her eyes lit up and she smiled, "Yay! Fank you." I smiled and stood up. She grasped my pinky in her tiny hand and we walked to the booth. Lux slid in to the empty side, me sliding in next to her. The 3 girls in front of me stared. "Violet... You...," Carter started. "You look different...," Perrie said. Eleanor just got up and hugged me, squeezing me. "One day without you, is completely.... Disasterous. Everyone misses you, especially Lux. She cries all the time." She pulled away from our hug and stood up, motioning with hand for them to hug. We formed a group hug, Lux hugging my leg. After moments, we ordered. We all got coffee, and donuts. We got a donut for Lux, which she got her mouth and hands dirty. "Lux, so messy! Who's a messy little girl? You are!," I told her. She started laughing and I grabbed a napking, wiping her clean. "So Violet," Eleanor said, the girls attention on me. Carter had a half eaten donut in hand, Perrie had her hands supporting her chin, and Eleanor had her arms around her cup. "What's going on with you and Harry?," El asked. I felt my cheeks turn hot. "Ummm, I-I... Uh..." "See! I told you!" Carter said, excitedly. "So you really are dating Harry?," Perrie asked. I nervously looked down and nodded, my mind on that british heartthrob who stole my heart.


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