Her Bully

18 year old Violet Teasdale is Lou Teasdale's neice. Of course, almost no one knows that. one of the only people to know is Harry Styles, her bully. They used to be the best of freinds, since age 4. But then when Violet's brother Kyle, died, Harry made everyone turn on her, because he thought she killed him. Of course, this isn't true, Harry doesn't even know her side of the story. But what if one day, after 4 years of being bullied she tries to end it all, because of him? What if Harry then looks at her differently? (There will be some sexual scenes!!!)


16. Abused by my father

Harry's P.O.V

"Is it true that your dad hits you?," I asked her. She froze and the color draned from her face. Her chest was heavily falling and rising. "Violet. Answer me," I said. "I-I-I-I-I........" She bit her lip and looked down. "Yes," she said barely above a whisper. Anger flowed through me. Why didn't she tell me? I ended up punching the wall next to me, and throwing a frame across the room. Violet jumped back, clearly surprised and frighteneed ny my actions. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me? I couold've gone and killed that asshole. That fucking bastard hit you!!!," I yelled. I punched mostly everything in the room, completely forgetting that Violet was here. I finally stoppped and looked over at the crying figure sat in the corner of the room. I slowly walked over to her, as she sat there quietly crying. She looked up at me and pulled herself closer, and I recognized the look in her eyes. Fear. Of me. I want her to trust me, I want her to not be scared of me. My shaky hand slowly reached out to her and Violet just got even more frightened by the second. I picked her up from the floor, into my large arms. Bridal styles. I sat on the bed and she immediately crawled away, to the other side of the bed, her back resting on the headboard. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I looked down at my fingers on my lap. I let out a shaky breath and stood up, glancing back at Violet before throwing a t-shirt over my head.

violet's P.O.V

I watched as Harry threw a t-shirt over his head and started picking everything up."Shit," he cursed under his breath. I looked at him through teary eyes and my hand rose up to wipe the tears away. Harry had blood dripping from his hand, he got cut with a piece of glass. I slowly walked over to him and he looked up, shocked. I took his large hand in my tiny ones and he stood up. I walked him to the bathroom, and we stood by the sink. I turned the water on and slowly pulled his hand under the running water.

Harry's P.O.V

I watched as V turned my hand side to side, the blood draining away. She looked so focused, concentrated. She was so cute!!! She dried my hand and I whispered, "Can you kiss it better?" The cut was on my index, so I held it up. She grabbed my hand and her lips pressed a small delicate kiss onto my finger. She grabbed a band-aid and carefully put it on. "Than you, nurse Violet. I should call you up next time too, you're a really good doctor. My booboo's all better now," I said smiling after. She giggled and kissed my cheek. she walked back into the room and put her shoes on, grabbing her bag and walking down the stairs. I walked out of the bathroom and put my shoes on before grabbing my phone and following Violet.


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