Who,what,when,where and why

Niall says he loves me, Liam says he'll never hurt me, Zayn says if we were together no one would ever come between us, Harry said there's no words to describe how much he loves me.....and Louis,well he didn't say anything,he kissed me.


1. first time back.

I hate school, I really do. Why? Because I never know what do do,who to love,where to love,why I should love,when to love...or how to love.

This is shit. Sorry,but if you had a best friend who fantasised over the same boy everyday,then you get put in the same class as that boy,he sits next to you and always talks to you  and stares at you with his unbelievably perfect eyes,you would feel crap.

It's Harry Styles. One of the most popular boys in my year. Along with, Niall Horan,Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. I've been at school for 4 lessons, Harry is in every..single..one. The strange thing is, so's Louis,Liam,Niall,Zayn and my two best friends Jess and Soph. This is killing me. Soph fancies Harry like fuck. As I said,he sits next to me, and stares at me the whole time. Soph sits on the other side of me,tries to make conversation with him but it doesn't work,oh deary me. It's lunch,thank god. 

At lunch we go outside and sit on the field. There's loads of us,Soph,Jess,Jay,Jack,Ellie,Hayden, and Ryan. Considering Sophie has been in every lesson with the 5 boys(Harry's lot) she invited them to sit at lunch with us. Harry came and sat next to me just ignoring the fact that Soph was staring at me. The other boys sat and joined the circle. We were all just talking about general things and the whole time I could tell Harry was staring at me,and Sophie was staring at him. I was too busy looking at Louis. I never thought I would be this close up to the boys and actually being able to look at them like this. Every minute or so Louis would look at me and I would blush then look away. When I was looking away Louis was looking at me. I can't believe this is happening, I think I have feelings for Louis?

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