Unexpected Love - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What can you do when you're life gets interupted by a mysterious person? Do you run from him? Do you stay with the life you've always known? Or will you take a shot with this unknown guy? Will you ever understand him? These are the questions that 18-year old Meggy doesn't understand yet. But she will know the answers soon.


4. Chapter 3.- Panicking for nothing..

"Hey, this is Hannah's voicemail, I'm not here at the moment or I just don't feel like answering the phone, so if it's important leave a message and I'll call you back or something, bye" -beep- "Hey Han, I was wondering if you saw a guy yesterday and gave him my number. Actually, I know you gave someone my number. Why one earth would you do that without asking me? I'm just.. Why? Just.. call me back okay?" I hung up the phone, irritated by the fact that everybody is gone and I have to leave voicemail messages everytime. I hate those. I tried to calm myself a bit and started wondering if I should answer the text. No, I shouldn't. But, why not? I mean, what's there to loose? No, wait, I don't even know the guy. I'll just wait till I hear from Hannah. After sitting on the couch for a while I heard a door close. Great, my neighbour Carrie is home from work. I decide to wait for ten minutes to give her some time to get home. She always knows exactly what to do. I knock on her door twice and wait for her to open. "Hey Megs, what's up?" she asks with a big smile plastered on her face. It's kind of contagious so I soon find myself laughing like an idiot even though it doesn't match the way I feel at all. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to hang out and talk, if you have time of course." I try to say with a straight face. "yeah! I was just going through my Tumblr feed, come in!" I walk into her appartement and make myself comfortable on my usual spot by the window. "You want some tea?" Carrie asks me. "Yeah, that'd be nice" I say. I can't help feeling kind of distracted by everything that's going through my mind at the moment. Carrie walks in with two big mugs of tea. She gives me the one that I always use when I'm here. It's a red one with black letters on it which say 'Dreamer'. Hers is purple with a cute white elephant on it that says 'You're sweeter than candy'. 'How was work?' I ask her. 'Oh, it was fine, just like every other day. A bit boring but it pays wel so.. you know" ''Still waiting to hear if you got the part you auditioned for the other day?" "Yeah! I am! and it's killing me! I'm so nervous!" "And you still can't tell me what kind of part it is?!?" "No! I'm so sorry! But you are the first one to know when I get the call!" "Deal!" "Okay, so, now tell me why you're really here because I can see that you want to talk about something." She always sees right through me. "It's nothing important really, I just need some distraction I guess." I try to convince her, but as soon as the words have left my mouth I know she doesn't buy it. "Tell. Me. Now." "Okay, fine."

I tell her the whole story about that mysterious looking guy at the restaurant. But I realise it sounds really stupid and I feel so weird for actually thinking that guy, Harry, was following me. Then I get to the point where I got the text.

"Okay, so show me the text!" "Okay, but I don't know what to think about it, I mean, I don't even know him." I give her my phone and wait for her reaction. "Uhmm.. Okay, so he just asked Hannah your number and sent you a text? Isn't that what guys normally do when they want to hang out or something? Don't get me wrong, he sounds creepy and I get why you're freaked out, but maybe he just thought you looked like a nice girl?" Great, now I feel really stupid. "Yeah, you're probably right. But should I answer the text? I don't know the guy at all." Carrie looks at me like she's my mother and says "Well, it's your decision. But he seems to be a nice guy right?" "Yeah, I guess. I'm sorry, I kinda overreacted didn't I?" "Yeah you kinda did" Carrie says. We look at each other for a while and then start laughing like idiots at the exact same time. "Why are you laughing?" I try to say. "I don't know! Why are you!?" "I have no idea!" Once we pick ourselves up a bit the doorbell rings. "Oh no! What time is it?" Carrie asks me with a shocked face. "uhmm.. 6.30 why?" "I totally forgot I was meeting with Jack tonight!" She looks at me in total panic. "You mean that cute guy from Vidcon!?" "Yes, him! What am I going to do now? I can't just tell him I forgot! That would be just mean!" "Okay, relax! I'm going to let him in and give him a drink or something. You, go change and do your hair and make-up and stuff. But hurry! I'll tell him it was my fault that you're late, kay?" I try to calm her. "Thank you thank you thank youuuu, you're the best! I'll be ready in ten!" "Kay, hurry." she walks into her room and I can hear her going through her drawers like crazy. I walk over to the door and open it to find Jack, the cute guy from Vidcon, standing in the doorway. "Hi Jack! Come in! I'm Meg, remember, from Vidcon? Carrie will be ready in a minute, she's just doing her make-up, I'm sorry, it's totally my fault she late, I just needed some help with.. some stuff. But that's all settled now and Carrie will be ready soon. Sit down, make yourself at home, you want anything to drink?" He looks a bit overwhelmed by my long 'speech'. "uhmm.. no thanks I'm fine." I didn't expect him to say no. so now I actually have to talk to him about something. "Oh.. okay.. you sure? because Carrie has this really nice fruit drink she always buys, I'm sure you'll love it." "No thanks, I'm not really thirsty" I'm so weird when it comes to small talk. "Okay.. so.. uhmm.. where are you guys going?" "Just a little restaurant that's a few streets from here. Nothing special." "Kay, nice.." The conversation was getting a bit awkward and I thanked Carrie in my head when she decided to burst into the room, still putting on her shoes. "Hi, I'm ready, sorry I'm so late." she tells Jack. "Great you're here, so I'm gonna go now. Have fun you guys." I tell them as I walk to the door. "Thanks love" I hear Carrie say before I shut the door behind me. I enter my own appartement again and hear my phone buzz again. You have got to be kidding me.

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