Unexpected Love - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What can you do when you're life gets interupted by a mysterious person? Do you run from him? Do you stay with the life you've always known? Or will you take a shot with this unknown guy? Will you ever understand him? These are the questions that 18-year old Meggy doesn't understand yet. But she will know the answers soon.


3. Chapter 2.- Turning Mad


''No really! I swear! He was looking at me the whole time! He was there! ask Marcus, he saw him too!'' I told Hannah. She wouldn't believe me when I told her after work. I know why, I mean, why would such a beautifull guy look at me? I must have imagined it. Or there was something wrong with my make-up and he was just looking at me, thinking I looked like an idiot (which I would totally understand since most of the time I do look like an idiot..) But what if- "Look, it's not that I don't believe, it's just.. you were a bit dizy today.. so maybe you just thought you saw him looking at you but he was just.. uhmm.. looking at.. something else?" Hannah interupted my thoughts. "Yeah, you're probably right.. well, I really gotta go home.. so.. See ya monday?" I said, not wanting to talk about it anymore. "Yep, see you then, oh, and we really have to do another girly-night with the others!" she answered. "Yes, as soon as possible! Tell me when and I'll be there! kay? but I really gotta go now! bye" I gave her a big hug and started walking down the road, away from the pub that was now getting less crowded. as I turned around the corner the street got quiet. I was never really scared of the dark or being alone at night, but I had a strange feeling someone was following me. I started walking faster though I didn't hear footsteps. Then I stopped and freezed. What the hell am I doing? I thought to myself. This isn't like me, I have to stop panicking, everything is fine. I closed my eyes trying to calm myself. But it didn't help much. Those green eyes were everywhere. I quickly opened my eyes again, trying to make the beautiful face of that boy leave my mind. I started walking again, turned another corner and crossed the road. I looked on my mobile, trying to find distraction from the scarry street when I bumped into someone. "Oh my God, I am so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to the road" I said as I went down to pick up my bag that had fallen to the floor. "That's okay, I wasn't paying attention myself either" I heard a raspy voice say. Wait a sec- I looked up and found green eyes peering at me. A wide grin on his face as he helped me up again. "You're that waitress" he stated. "Uhm... yes.. I am..". Was he stalking me? No! ofcourse not! Why would he? Stop overthinking this! "I haven't really introduced myself, I'm Harry." He told me, looking at me, waiting for me to tell him my name. "Uhmm.. I.. uhm.." just tell him your name, you know what it is, just act normal and tell him your name, "I am.." wait, what was my name again? "Uhmm.." Meggy! Just tell him your name is Meggy! I thought to myself. "yes?" he said, trying to help me finish my sentence. Okay, pick yourself up girl! Tell him your name! My inner voice was shouting at me. I took a deep breath and finally.. "Meggy" there, I said it. "Well Meggy, we seem to bump into each other a lot today, huh?" "Yeah, right.. uhmm.. I really have to go, I'm sorry.." I walked past him, trying to get away as fast as I could. "I guess I'll see you around then" he said. I turned around to find him looking at me, eyes dark and mysterious. I couldn't read his expression. "uhmm.. yeah.. I guess..'' I told him and I walked away again. I felt his eyes in my back as I went inside the flatbuilding. Well, this day couldn't get any weirder. I opened the door to my appartement and dropped myself on the couch. I drifted of to a deep sleep, those green eyes haunting me.

I woke up with the sound of the Batman theme song. Oh, great, what now? I thought as I stood up and walked over to my bag, my ringtone stopping as I got there. My muscles were heavy and sore from sleeping on the couch. I searched for my phone and found out I had two missed calls from my mom. I looked at the time, 2 pm! Great, I overslept. I dialed my mom's number. Voicemail. I heard the beep and started talking like crazy. "Hey mum! uhmm.. Sorry I missed your calls, I was... busy.. Uhmm. so yeah, if it's urgent please call me back? and if not, I'll be at home at 4 like we said. Love you lots, bye" I hung up the phone and quickly went to take a shower and started getting ready when my phone rang again. "Hello?" "Hey darling" "Oh, hey mum, what's up?" I asked as I grabbed my shoes from the couch. "Well, your dad is really sick and your sister can't come because her boss called again with problems so the 'famil gathering will be next week. If that's allright with you." I dropped my shoes again and sat down on the couch, thanking my father and sisters boss in my head. "Uhmm.. no, yeah, that's fine with me, see you next week then?" "Okay, good, oh, I have to go, your dad is"- "Barbara, can you please shut the curtains?" I heard my dad shout. "I have to go sweety, see you next week then" "kay, bye.." I sighed, feeling a bit reliefed that I don't have to go to my family. I really just needed a day for myself after yesterday and last nights dreams.. I grabbed a bowl and some cereal and milk and turned on the tv. I went through the channels but stopped when I saw The Little Mermaid on. Great, back to the old days, that's exactly what I need. I stayed in my appartement the rest of the day, just watching movies and eating. Trying not to think about yesterday. But then I got disturbed. I heard my phone buzz. 'New message from unknown number'. I opened the message and read the words 7 times before I understood them.

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