Unexpected Love - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What can you do when you're life gets interupted by a mysterious person? Do you run from him? Do you stay with the life you've always known? Or will you take a shot with this unknown guy? Will you ever understand him? These are the questions that 18-year old Meggy doesn't understand yet. But she will know the answers soon.


2. Chapter 1.- Another Daily Routine

''Yes Mom, I know, I'll be there at 4, okay?" "Okay, I just wanted to remind you sweety, see you tomorrow then" I hung up the phone and went to my bathroom. I had 15 minutes to change into my working clothes, do my hair and make my face look normal. I had the most terrible dream last night but just like every other night I couldn't remember what it was. I've been having a lt of trouble with sleeping recently but that's probably just because of the new appartement. I got here 2 weeks ago so my room only had a bed and one closet but that's enough for now. I'll buy some more stuff once I finish the living room and kitchen. 5 more minutes to do my make-up. I never really wore a lot of make-up, just something to cover up my puffy eyes and some mascara. I look into the mirror and just accept the fact that it isn't going to get any better, so I grab my phone, put it in my bag, put on my coat and head to work. I go around the restaurant to the backdoor. I'm just in time for my shift. As I grab a pen and notebook I feel two hands cover my eyes. "Guess who's back from Paris?" I hear a girl squeek. "Hannah!" I scream and I turn around to hug her. "I thought you wouldn't be back till next week! Why didn't you call me?" "I know, I'm sorry, I just wanted to surprise you! haha! I mean, I wanted to come back for Dan's birthday this monday anyway because I had seen too much of the French guys in Paris". "wait, what do you mean?" "Well, I met this guy in Paris and-" "GIRLS! less chit chatting! get to work!" our boss George yelled. "I'll tell you everything during our break okay?" "deal" I told her, and I went to the bar to see if there where people coming in yet. "Hey there beautiful!" I heard Marcus say. "How are you doing girl?" he asked in his weird accent. He really was too gay to function, and I loved him like crazy. ''I'm good Marcus, how about you? how did that date go last night?" "Ugh, it was a total disaster, the guy was completly crazy, and not the 'good kind of crazy' but the real crazy sh*t. So I nicely told him to find another guy because he could never get my cute ass." Of course the guy wouldn't be good enough for Marcus, they're always crazy or lame or just not his type. "Well, I'm sure you'll find you're prince soon" I told him. "Yeah, well, you gotta get to work, there are people coming." I went to the couple coming in and showed them a table at the windows of the restaurant. This was going to be a long night.

After 2 hours Hannah and I got a 15 minutes break to grab some food and talk about her holiday in France. She started talking like a maniac "So, I was in France and I met this guy who was kinda cute so he showed me around but them I found out he had a girlfriend so I told him to go away, which was kinda rude after what he did for me but whatever, so then I met this other guy who was really-" "GIRLS! we really need more hands in here, break is over, come on!" ''Ugh.. great way to keep your staff happy, George" Hannah said while rolling her eyes. "Look, why don't we go out after work? you know, have a girls night so we can talk?" I ask, trying to lighten her mood which worked pretty well. "Yeah, I'd love to!" she said with a smile. "Great" I said as we went back to the bar. "Meggy, you take table 1, 2, and 3, Hannah you can go upstairs and serve table 12 and 13 which are pretty crowded today" Marcus commanded us. "Okay, Queen Slut" Hannah answered him with a wink. "Hear who's talking, Princess-" "Okay, guys, that's enough!" I interupted them "You don't want George to hear you talking like that." I started walking towards table 1 and asked if they wanted something else to drink. I was walking back to the bar when cought a guy at table 2 staring at me. He swept his hair away from his face, bright green eyes never leaving mine. His gaze was dark and serious. He looked like he was trying to stare right into my soul. He almost looked like an angel, but one who has been through a lot. His eyes had a great story behind them. I wonder what that story could be. - "Meggy!" Marcus yelled as soft as he could. I found myself standing between table 1 and 2, just looking at that boy like there was nobody else in the room. I felt the blood rise to my cheeks. 'God, my head must be so red right now' was all I could think. But I tried to act as normal as I could and took the orders of table 2. I started with the person sitting next to the mysterious guy, so that I wouldn't have to face him yet. I went around the table and took the orders of the other three people he was with. But they had made their decisions faster then I wanted them to, so I now had to face the 'mysterious guy'. "uhmm.. what would you like to order, sir? "Please don't call me sir" he said with a smirk on his face. "I'm not much older than you" his voice sounded almost too perfect, just like I had expected. His eyes travelled up and down my body. "You know what? Surprise me. You make the choice for me." He looked at me, waiting for my reaction. "Uhmm.. okay.." Why can't I talk? What the hell is going on? I awkwardly walked away. Feeling his eyes dart into my back. "Marcus, I need your help, that guy wants me to make a decision for him, but you're better at that kind of stuff, please, do it for me? please? I beg you, please?" "Okay, slow down girl, give me the orders of the other tables too, I'll take care of it. You better sit down a second, you look a bit pale." "Thanks, yeah.. sure.. whatever.." I didn't know why but I felt a huge headache come up. What is that guy doing to me? I glanced at him. He was talking to his friends. It looked like they were having a very serious conversation. All of a sudden his head turned, his eyes meeting mine, a smirk plastered on his face. I couldn't look away, something in his eyes made me stare at him, for quite a while. Then, out of nowhere, he looked at his phone, said something to his friends and stood up. His eyes met mine again for a second, and then he hurried to the door. Marcus came back with the drinks and plates and I got back to work. But I couldn't forget those eyes. Who was that guy?

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