Unexpected Love - A Harry Styles Fanfic

What can you do when you're life gets interupted by a mysterious person? Do you run from him? Do you stay with the life you've always known? Or will you take a shot with this unknown guy? Will you ever understand him? These are the questions that 18-year old Meggy doesn't understand yet. But she will know the answers soon.


1. Prologue

I never thought this would happen to me, the ordinary girl from a small village. My life was supposed to be easy. Finish school, find work, meet a nice guy, get married, have some children, grow old and see my grandchildren get married. That's what I always wanted. But now that doesn't seem as nice as it used to. I found a mysterious soul and I need to know.. need to know him.. need to know us.. but will it ruin me? Or will it make me stronger? I can only know if take this shot. But fear is keeping me from trying.

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