Drug Dealer

Justin give up on his heart on his feelings since the first day he become a drug dealer.
since that moment when he lost the love of his life. He promised himself that he will never fall in love.
But She was innocently different in every way possible. She was that light that shine in the darkness.she was the star in his sky.
So would he change for her !?
Would he save her from his shit !?


5. Chapter 4


Helen pov: 

I quickly tried to mange my heart beats,before standing up and walking swiftly to the couch. What the hell just happened ?!  Did I just moan while he's kissing my neck ?! What the hell is wrong with my ass that boy was dangerous ?! But damn he gave me goosebumps by just touch me,and his lips,gosh they felt like haven on my neck,and those kisses. Oh my. They were as sweet as sugar. That Bieber boy knew how to play it right,he knew how to make a girl moan. 

Justin pov:
Swiftly I walked away leaving Helen want more. "Wow that was so fast man"Ryan said as he took another Sip from his beer "huh" "for fuck sake you know what I mean" he slowly says as I have him the question look "what are you talking about man" I asked smirking "your as fast as thunder. You fucked her that fast" he laughed "wooohh hold on this only the beginning...I'm not fucking her now" I smirked as I tired my heels walking towards Helen"oh and why is that !?" He asked me as I was about to walk out of the kitchen "well I'm making her fall for me,I'm going to make sure that I will shut her forever" I smirked at the thoughts of my perfect plan "then!!" He asked me slowly "then!!...I will coldly kill her! We don't need her anyway" I said quietly as I walked out "Justin" I slowly tilted my head towards Ryan's  direction "just make sure not to fall for her" he slowly said as he looked into my brown orbs "oh Ryan you know the Justin Bieber don't fall for anybody" I laughed out "I know man..but I'm just warning you.." "Thanks dude" I said loudly as I walked into the living room to see Helen sitting in the couch,resting her head on her knees while her arms are hugging her legs tightly,her black hair was surrounding her pale small face. And gosh she looked so beautiful.. 
Beautiful !? What the fuck is wrong with me !? Feelings are only for those losers !? Justin Bieber can't have any feelings for anybody !? And he defiantly can't call a girl beautiful !? That's bullshits.. I thought as I listened to Helen's heavy heart beats "hiya" I slowly said as I walked closer to her causing to left her head swiftly "mmm hey" she said nervously "aren't you tired" I asked her softly.. 
Softly !! Gosh quiet the shit dude !! Pull yourself together !? This is only another bitch who saw something she shouldn't see and by the end of the month she probably should be dead.. 
"Mmm yeah" "do you want to go to bed" I asked her "yeah,but I don't have anything to sleep with" she slowly said as her cheeks got redder. Oh she was blushing. Oh my god that was cute.. Urrgghhh what the fuck is happening to me !? Damn that!!stuck on the plan Bieber !! "You can borrow some clothes from me or Ryan " I said quickly as I started to imagine how would she looking wearing my clothes. She would  defiantly look as sexy as fuck. "O-okay th-thanks" she said nervously as she bite her low lip,turning me on badly "shall we go now" I asked her slowly as I started to walk waiting for her to follow "oh ye-eah".. 
"Here talk wear those" I said softly as I throw her a pair of boxers and one of my shirts "than-thanks" she softly said as she picked up the clothes. "Wha-what ar-are d-doing" she nervously asked me as I pulled the covers on my body getting ready to sleep "what I look like I'm doing" I smirked "you can't sle-eep he-here" she said slowly "and why is that" I said as I looked at her " e-em first because I-ii e-em want t-to change my clo-clothes and e-em second because you e-em just ca-cant" she said biting her lips hardly sending me to the edge "well first this is my room babe,this is where I sleep everyday,and you not going to change that,..and second feel free babe to change in front of me,I could enjoy a strip show,specially if your the one who's going to strip" I smirked "dick" she softly whispered under her breath " excuse me what did you said" I asked her slyly "no-nothing". And with that she dispersed into the corner of my room,changing her clothes,and even that it was probably dark,I still could see her taking her clothes off and putting mine. 
"Don't you want want to call your parents or something" I asked her slowly as I pulled the covers on the top of both of us "I don't think I should" she slowly whispered "and why you shouldn't !?" I asked her looking into her blue orbs that were shining into the dark "she don't care about me" she whispers and I could feel the pain in her voice "who!!" I questioned "my mum!! She don't care about me,she don't care about what could happen to me" she whispered as her voice cracked at the end "oh!" That all I could say,how can't anybody care about this angle. "You know life...""life is a dark paradise" she softly cut me as tilts toward me giving me a weak smile "good night" she whispered as she closed her eyes drifting into what looked like deep sleep. 
What's wrong with you Justin !? Stop looking at the girl !?  
But for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off her,she was all I ever wanted. But I'm JUSTIN BIEBER and I don't fall in love. I'm JUSTIN BIEBER the drug dealer and I can't love her. Simply I can't have her,I have to stuck on the plan. I have to kill her by the end of the month. 


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