Drug Dealer

Justin give up on his heart on his feelings since the first day he become a drug dealer.
since that moment when he lost the love of his life. He promised himself that he will never fall in love.
But She was innocently different in every way possible. She was that light that shine in the darkness.she was the star in his sky.
So would he change for her !?
Would he save her from his shit !?


4. Chapter 3

Helen pov : Slowly my eyes started to see the light,slowly I was getting up from my deep sleep. As I opened my eyes,I swiftly jumped from the couch that my tensed body was laid on it. I was surprised for some reason,I was totally surprised that I wasn't dead,or maybe I'm dead and this is the haven,but for me it didn't seem like haven,the place was too dirty to be a haven or even a hell. But for now I knew that I should probably be thankful that I'm not dead. I was about to walk to the door when a deep British voice with Heavy Bradford accent speak out " so your finally awake " swiftly I froze and my body got goosebumps. Who's that ! Is he's going to kill me !? Slowly I turned my head to face the voice source,and as a turned my face to face the male that was standing in front of me a gasp left my throat. I was just face to face with the most beautiful face I could ever see; he's the epitome of male beauty,it's impossible to look that good,to have this amazing tanned skin,or this light chocolate brown eyes,or that brown hair that was styled in a perfect quiff . His eyes meet mine for a short while before he speaks again " like what you see" he smirked causing me to turned my face to hide my embarrassment,to hide my red face. "Wh-oo a-re y-y-ooou" I asked nervously looking at the attractive male that was my now walking towards me causing me to step back. "Who are you" I repeated my question with more confident this time,but again I didn't get an answer instead of this,he just kept walking towards me while he's licking his plumped shaped lips causing me to turn my head away not wanting to kept looking at him. He was Teasing and testing me,trying to figure out what I'm going. And oh gosh he was just like that devil that you want to grab him by the collarbone and kiss him hungrily. What the fuck Y/N !? I was in that status where I just can't control my feelings. And this was the first time it ever happens to me. That male with the unknown name was just bring my bad and wild side to the surface. Swiftly he was making his way toward leaving few inches between us before he stops "wh-ere a-mm Iii" I asked him in lisp "why are you lisping love am I making you nervous" he spoke out in much confidence,I was trying to keep myself calm and keep my face expressions under control.thought my voice had to betray me and stuck in my throat. Which caused his smirk to grow wider showing his white perfect teeth. "Wh-where a-mm I" you said slowly asked him yet again he ignored my question and his went from eyes to scan my body,studying every inch of it with his dark chocolate eyes before he looks at me again smirking. "You better tell where I am or..." I was about to stupidly threat when his husky deep voice asked me " or what love!" Gosh he needs to stop what he's doing to me !? His voice ! Gosh A moan was about to skip from my lips but I swiftly stopped it. "Or I will...." Again the attractive male Interrupts for the second time " or what bitch!" He said angrily. Oh gosh Y/N you just pissed the devil. " wh-ere a-mm I" I incorrectly asked the question that he ignore it for approximately two or three time yet I didn't get an answer. What's wrong with asshole,why the fuck isn't he answering my question!. "What the fuck,don't be a dickhead and answer my question" I angrily screamed making his eyes get darker. Quickly I realized that I shouldn't said what I just said and I should've keep my feelings down. Without any Warning I felt a sharp pain stung in my right cheek causing me to whimper in pain as my hands moved to my warmed pained cheek. "So you little bitch wanna know why your here" he angrily asked as he moved closer than ever his body was inches away from mine,I could actually feel his breath on my lower lip. Slowly I nod "well because your a little bitch who decided to be curious and spy on other people business.." He was about to say something else but I cut him off which caused him to boil from anger "I wasn't spying" I whispered "don't fuckin Interrupt me do you understand" he roughly asked me,and all I could do is to nod "why am i here" quietly asked him not wanting him to get mad on me a hit me again " gosh you little stupid bitch didn't I just told you! Don't you know that curiosity killed the cat! Well bitch your that cat! But instead if dying I saved your sorry ass! So be thankful" he coldly said as he step in front of me closing the space between our bodies causing the Nervous butterflies to spread all over my body. Gosh what was that boy doing to me !? That bad boy was so.. Stopped Y/N "Can I go home" I slowly asked him with a voice that was lower than a whisperer "home!" He sassily said as he looked at me like I just said that I want to go to the moon "you can't go home" he roughly said as he placed his hands on my waist pulling me closer "what ! Why" I yelled loudly causing him to move on of his hands that was placed on my waist to cover my mouth "shut up bitch don't yell" he coldly said looking into my eyes " why can't I go home" I asked him slowly as he retrained his hands to my waist pulling me closer causing my body to tense. That boy was just giving a weird feeling that I never had ! Even that I just meet him but I want him !? Slowly I shacked my head trying to get those ideas out of my head. What the hell Y/N he's a drug dealer. Slowly I looked a the male that was now closer than before waiting for him to answer my question "well you just can't go home" he simply said making sure I hear every single word causing me to gasp "what love don't you like her" he slowly said as he moved his hands to my ass touching it causing me to try to pull back "your going to like here love" he Seductively said as he placed his lips on my neck leaving a trail of wet kisses causing a moan to skip from my lips making him smirk "like I said love your going to like here" he Seductively repeated as he pulled himself away from me and started to walk away. What's wrong with that boy !? Something about him makes me curious to know him more !? And something inside me told that my end is coming soon ! Don't forget to comment,like and favorite x

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