Drug Dealer

Justin give up on his heart on his feelings since the first day he become a drug dealer.
since that moment when he lost the love of his life. He promised himself that he will never fall in love.
But She was innocently different in every way possible. She was that light that shine in the darkness.she was the star in his sky.
So would he change for her !?
Would he save her from his shit !?


2. Chapter 2

Justin pov
For a moment I stand in front of the girl's small body trying to decide if I should leave her and go,or take her home with me. I knew exactly what would happen if I take her home,and how much Ryan would be pissed of,but for some unknown reason I just could leave her like this on the cold ground,and I couldn't killed. I didn't know what was wrong with me in that moment but I slowly kneeled beside her and carefully carried her small body to my car,slowly placing her body on the back seat. And with that I got into the car and drove to my house.
I swiftly pulled in front of the house that was for my parents before they die and leave it for me,slowly I carried the girl inside the house and placed her on the couch.
"Who's that dude" Ryan asked as he walked to the living room "a girl" I coldly reply as I look to the girl's face that was so pale by now. "I know that shes a girl but WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE'S DOING HERE!?" Ryan screamed as he came closer to me,anger was probably eating him from inside out,he was always so scared that someone would know our little secret that will probably lead us to the jail.he hated what we were doing but he couldn't get out of it. It's not that easy after all. "Apparently she sow the whole jake and me deal..." I was to continue when suddenly Ryan cut me off again "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE HOW DID SHE SOW !! AND WHY DIDN'T YOU KILL HER" Ryan yelled as his face turned bright red from anger "CAN YOU STUP THE FUCK UP FOR A SECOND" i took a deep breath as I yelled back trying to calm myself down "fine just tell me why didn't you killed her" Ryan asked me as her looked at the girl that was laying asleep in our couch peacefully "I don't know I just couldn't kill her" I said as I looked ah the girl. I know that it probably sounded crazy but I just couldn't kill her. Not that suddenly fall in love with her or something but when she bagged me not to kill her her voice was so innocent. And right now in this moment while she was sleeping on my couch she looked innocently like an angle. How could I kill that ? I thought "what the fuck Justin do you know who's that" she said as he pointed to the girl "that's Helen Mendler,no one loves her,no one likes her,shes the most hopeless and homeless girl in the universe,she have no friends,and even her own mum don't give a damn shit about her,you should've killed her,no one was going to ask about her,but your so damn stupid and you don't think about anybody but yourself,now we have to keep her here with us. Because for sure we can't let her go home after what she sow and if something bad happened to us it wi be because of you Justin,because suddenly you've decided to have a heart" Ryan screamed in anger as he looked at me,but by this moment I was totally pissed off of what he just said "shut it Ryan we're done for tonight" I said as I walk to the kitchen "no no no we're not done Justin gosh you know what I don't want to spend the rest of my life in jail because of you because you suddenly decided that you don't want to kill the girl,what if something happened what if she called the police HUH ! Or what if we got catch what would happen to us HUH ! And that would be because of you" Ryan screamed as he walked behind me "why can't you shut the fuck up huh!" I yelled as I turned around and faced him "fine I will shut the fuck up if that's what you want,but first I have this same question what justin did you fall for her!" He seriously asked me waiting for me to answer. What the actual fuck did I fall for her I'm Justin drew Bieber and I don't fall in love ! Not anymore "me Justin Bieber in love fuck no Ryan I don't even give a damn shit about the girl" I said angrily "you know you will have to keep tour eyes on her,and you should know that if something was missing or she said a word i will be the one who will KILL HER since you couldn't do it"Ryan said as he started to walk to the living room leaving me standing in front if the kitchen wondering why the fuck does he think that I care. Cause to be honest I don't fuckin care I just didn't kill her cause I felt like she don't deserve to die not now. That girl was innocently different she didn't deserve what's going to happen to her but you know what they say curiosity killed the cat maybe that girl just wasn't the luckiest..

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