Runaway Love

Eighteen year old Addison (Addie to friends and family) has never liked her parents. One night, she slips out into the midst of a cruel winter, anxious to escape. When she reaches the bus station, she meets Louis, another runaway. They thought they were prepared for running away, but when their bus breaks down in the middle of no where, will they be able to survive? Or will the growing passion between them keep them going?

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2. Where Are We?

Addie's P.O.V.

My eyes flicker open. Why are we stopped? We are out in the middle of no where. This can't be good. I tap Louis on the shoulder to wake him. He sits up, rubbing his eyes sleepily. Glancing out the window, he asks, "Why are we stopped here?" "I don't know," I reply. The bus driver boards the bus again. "Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. Looks like we may be trapped here for a bit. This is an old bus, broke down with no warning. Sorry again, money will be refunded when we get back." "Wait," I say, raising my hand like I am in school.  "We aren't going to Miami?" "I am afraid not," the bus driver apologizes. Louis and exchange a glance. Going back home is not an option. Louis and I hop off the bus, wanting to take a short walk to stretch our cramped legs. We walk down the road for about a mile, talking about why we ran away. Eventually Louis says, "We should turn back now. Maybe he fixed the bus. He said it could just need time to cool off." I agree, so we head back. But when we reach the spot where the bus was once parked, it is gone. Empty. "This is the right place, right?" I yelp, terrified. "Yep," Louis nods, a grim look crossing over his face. "Because that rock right there was the one I almost tripped on when we left!" "Shit," I murmur. "They left without us!"

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