Runaway Love

Eighteen year old Addison (Addie to friends and family) has never liked her parents. One night, she slips out into the midst of a cruel winter, anxious to escape. When she reaches the bus station, she meets Louis, another runaway. They thought they were prepared for running away, but when their bus breaks down in the middle of no where, will they be able to survive? Or will the growing passion between them keep them going?

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6. The Middle of the Night

I awake to a temperature so cold it cuts through my layers of clothes and into my skin. Shivering, I bury my face in my scarf, but thanks to little bits of frozen ice stuck on the soft fabric, it doesn't do much to warm me up. I hear Louis groan, and I look over at him. He's looking at me. "What?" I say, self conscious. "Nothin." He smiles. "We made it through the night." I nod, even though I never was an optimist. "I wonder what they think," I say thoughtfully. Louis looks confused. "Who?" I rub my hands together, trying to keep them warm. "My dad. Your parents." Louis shakes his head. "My mom. My dad left a couple years ago. Just walked out." Shit. "Sorry," I say, feeling bad. "No, it isn't your fault," Louis says. "My mom died when I was two," I reply. Louis looks straight into my eyes. "I'm sorry." I divert my eyes away. "It's fine. I don't even remember her really. I wouldn't even be able to picture her face if it weren't for pictures my dad has." Louis sits up. "Let's find something to eat, love." We stand up and Louis slings his arm around me. I lean into him. Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, Louis is warm. With his arm around me, I feel safe. Something I haven't felt for as long as I can remember.

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