Runaway Love

Eighteen year old Addison (Addie to friends and family) has never liked her parents. One night, she slips out into the midst of a cruel winter, anxious to escape. When she reaches the bus station, she meets Louis, another runaway. They thought they were prepared for running away, but when their bus breaks down in the middle of no where, will they be able to survive? Or will the growing passion between them keep them going?

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3. Danger

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Addie's P.O.V.

I shove my hand into my coat pocket, looking around for my phone. Finally, I find out. I pull it out and try to turn it on, but the screen stays black. It was fully charged when I left last night...which means we have no reception out here. Great. Just great. Louis, seeing my face, says, "No signal?" "Nope." I shake my head. "None." He kicks at a rock and it bounds away. "What should we do?" he asks. I shrug. "I am not good in these situations." "Me neither," he replies. "Well....we should make a shelter and find food." He nods. "Yes," he agrees. I point into the distance. "Long grasses," he says, squinting. "Yep," I say. "Will they be sturdy enough, though?" he says. "No, we can tie them to branches," I reply, gesturing toward a few trees. "Ok," he says and we start to walk in the direction of the trees. When we reach the trees, we break the smaller branches off and I start to carry loads of branches to the assortment of long grasses. Louis brings the remaining branches and we start to tie the grass to the branches to make some sort of shelter. Once we have a fort constructed, we lay there talking. "Those mountains make me nervous," Louis tells me. "Why?" I ask, confused. "Avalanches," he replies grimly. "Wait," I say my voice quivering. "Those can kill people, right?" He nods. "Suffocation." I grimace. Being stuck here temporarily is ok, because I know eventually they will put two and two together and figure out we are here, but suffocating in an avalanche of snow? Not ok with me! He wraps his arms around me. "Addie, it will be ok," he whispers reassuringly. "But, but," I stutter. "What you said about the avalanche..." "It won't happen. There is like a 1 in 9329 chance that we will be caught in an avalanche." I look straight into his eyes. They are bright and full of promise. "I promise," he whispers. "If there happens to be one," I start. He shushes me. "There won't be one, Addie." I nod, but the rest of my sentence rings in my ears. Will you save me?


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