Runaway Love

Eighteen year old Addison (Addie to friends and family) has never liked her parents. One night, she slips out into the midst of a cruel winter, anxious to escape. When she reaches the bus station, she meets Louis, another runaway. They thought they were prepared for running away, but when their bus breaks down in the middle of no where, will they be able to survive? Or will the growing passion between them keep them going?

A/N: Please comment and let me know what you think! Cheers! xx


1. The Bus Station

Addie's P.O.V.

"Why me?" I think as I step out the door. The cold winter air hits me like a ton of bricks and I wrap my scarf tighter around my face, hoping to block out the below 0 temperatures. After silently shutting the door behind me, I scurry across the snow covered yard, anxious to be away from my parents. My footprints in the snow are incriminating evidence, but by the time they notice them I will be long gone. My duffel bag weighs me down, but I still manage to scamper towards the bus station. When I reach the station, I run up to the man behind the glass partition and say, "One ticket to Miami, please!" He eyes me suspiciously. "That is a long bus ride, miss." "I know," I reply. "Cousins." He nods thoughtfully as he counts the money I gave him. When he is satisfied, he slides a ticket across the counter. I grab the ticket and am about to board the bus when a tap on my shoulder stops me in my tracks. I turn around and see an attractive boy with brown hair standing there. "Is this the bus to Miami?" he asks. He has an adorable British accent. "Yeah," I say. "Cool," he says. "I am Louis by the way." "Addison, but call me Addie," I reply. He nods. "Nice to meet you Addie." "Likewise," I say. "What brings you to Miami?" "I am running away," he explains. "Me too," I say, surprised. He grins, and his eyes light up. "Cool," he says. I nod, my blonde ponytail swinging. The whole first hour of the bus ride, we talk. And talk. And talk. Finally, we fall asleep, exhausted.

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