sarah, is an 18 year old girl. she has always been theshy girl in school, not many friends, always get good grade, never has had a boyfriend.
but when sarah goes on a trip, to hollywood, she meets bieber? justin bieber?
what will happen ?


2. leaving.

sarahs pov, 



omg i packed all my clothing & other things, 


i got in the plane put my head phones in a fell asleep. 




when i woke up , every one was getting off the plane.  when i got off, my parents took me to the hotel, they said be safe , be back later.  they said i coukd go any wear i wanted. 

i grabbed my i phone, and got changed into shorts,  and combat boots, i just started walking , letting my stright hair flow in the wind, i was looking down at my phone on google maps and them bam i hit some one, i got up and said sorry , then it hit me it was justin bieber, my best friend fangirled over him , he is not my favourite celeb but what ever.  , i said sorry, he said watch were your going, i put my hand out , and then he was about to grab itm, then i said, how about you stop being some stupid famous person and learn some respect, how about you watch were your going bieber, then  i just walked off , every one started clapping. i told him i thought! 


justins .pov.


she was beautiful , i felt bad for saying that but whatever she shoukd watch were she is going ! honestly, then she pulled her hand back and said i need to learn respect. i felt bad, but people had there cameras out recording this. i was kinda sad , but i said sorry, she ignored me and walked then stuck up the finger over her head, 

when i got home pattie mt mom yelled at me to sit down,  i did as , she showed me the video of the girl . my mom agreed with what the girl said to me.  then she turend on the tv, on e talk they were saying , some girl bieber walked into , yelled at him and toled him ti learn respect, selena agress, so does a lot of fans .... is bieber falling apart?  my facce got red and mad, i was going to scream, then i saw a girl, that the girl i yelled to my mom, 

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