sarah, is an 18 year old girl. she has always been theshy girl in school, not many friends, always get good grade, never has had a boyfriend.
but when sarah goes on a trip, to hollywood, she meets bieber? justin bieber?
what will happen ?


1. OMG.

sarahs pov, 


as i was walking into school, i saw the populars i never got bullied , because they never noticed me, they acted as if i wasn't alive. i hate all of them, they all think they run the school , when they DONT, they never will. 

as i walked into class i sat in my seat in the front, ugh, i was so bored, because i was in stupid french, i  don't even know why i took the stupid class.  


after school, my parents said they have good news, it was probable that were moving, or there going on a business trip,  i am always home alone for about 3 months, it dose not bug me tho.  my parents get paid a lot, i live on the rich side of town, all the popular people, always asks who lives there and why they dont hang out with us? i never told them i live there, because i dont like any of them, 

when i walked in my parents were sitting on the couch, relaxing? that the first . they said honey,  we have some amazing news my mom said, she said were going on, i stopped her there, and said yeah i know. my dad asked how? i said because you guys always go on business and leave me here ? i kinda got the hang of it, my dad said let us just talk. then my mom said as were were saying we are "all" going on a trip. i started screaming what ? how long? were ? omg? how long? were ? my parents said calm down , then they said hollywood, but you would have your own room, and you can explore any were you want! i said in a kinda sad voice, you guys are going there for work right? my mom said, yeah! but you can meet new people for 5 months.    5 MONTHS ? I WILL MISS SCHOOL ? MY FRIENDS. then i mumbled under my breath my 1 friend.  my mom said go get packing were leaving tomorrow.  

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