Renesmee the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen has finally met some new friends. The only problem is that they are humans. Renesmee's new friends persuade her parents to let her come to school. Soon the school bully and her followers start eves dropping on Renesmee and her friends. Renesmee must reveal her secrets to her friends in order to help them. Renesmee is also powerful so is the rest of the Cullen's but one of her friends has the power to stop all this drama. But she is going to have to give up her life to save everyone.


15. Turning

Before I could run back inside I bumped into a man. He stood there smirking. He grabbed my shirt collar and raised me to the sky. His eyes were glowing red and dropped me, I started running and he leaped onto me and bit my neck. All i remember was studdering before i fell to the ground and blacked out.


After I woke up and I looked into the sky. Everything was clear I could see dust particles. Everything was amazing I had super fast running and my eyes felt strange. I reached into my satchel and pulled out my mirror. My eyes were dark red and i had sharp fangs. I ran over to a tree and kicked it, It made a dent!! I sniffed the air. I was so hungry. But what was I to eat? I saw a figure in the distance. I pounced in the grass and onto the person. Realizing it was a young boy in my class he struggled for his life. I also realized I was super super strong and I flung him over the field as I raced to catch him. Soon i guess he passed out so I bit his neck. I then caught myself, WHAT WAS I DOING?! I could believe it I was one of those blood sucking crazy things. I grabbed the boy's dead body and jumped onto the school roof. I stuck his body onto the flag and took a glimpse of my artwork. It looked perfect, I then hopped off. I was awesome! Incredible, no one could stop me now!!!



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