Renesmee the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen has finally met some new friends. The only problem is that they are humans. Renesmee's new friends persuade her parents to let her come to school. Soon the school bully and her followers start eves dropping on Renesmee and her friends. Renesmee must reveal her secrets to her friends in order to help them. Renesmee is also powerful so is the rest of the Cullen's but one of her friends has the power to stop all this drama. But she is going to have to give up her life to save everyone.


4. Sneaking out

Bella's P.O.V.

Edward and I were going to have some alone time. Since Renesmee was born she grows everyday and the last time Edward and I kissed was about 2 weeks ago. I really wanted some alone time with him. I went into Renesmee's room and I shook her awake. She came out from under her blankets. Yes mommy? She asked me. I'm going out with daddy now, I explained to her. Behave and I kissed her head and left.


Renesmee's P.O.V.

I checked the whole house Carlisle and Esme were both busy. Mission complete, I went into my room and tucked a bunch of pillows in my bed and covered it up with a blanket then locked the door and climbed out my window making sure to close it before I hopped out. I ran to the front yard and waiting for the girls to arrive. Soon i saw 3 girls walking down the street so i ran up to great them. 

Hi!! I'm Renesmee!! Remember? i said. Then I looked up and realized that they weren't the same girls. One was in the front and she had blonde hair. She had brown eyes and she was wearing the strangest thing. She was the weirdest looking human i'd ever seen. 

Um excuse me have you seen Isabella, Vanessa, and Mira belle? I asked then nicely.

The girl in the front laughed. No loser, I'm Elizabeth. The hottest girl in the neighbor hood and in school. Who are you new chick? She cackled She pointed to a girl with dirty blonde hair and blue highlights that's Jenna and last she pointed to a girl with light brown hair who seem quiet and nice. That's Leslie she said as she chomped on gum and rolled her eyes. Just introducing you to the cool kids she said as she pushed me and made me fall. She stopped and stared at her hand with wide eyes. I squinted at her, If she ever put your hands on me again I was going to go berserk. My eyes turned bright red and my teeth started developing. I stopped myself when I heard a rustle in the back yard. I hadn't had a feeding for the day. Whatever was in the grass I wrestled it down to the ground. Turns out it was a baby deer. The mother was just about to charge at me, before it could hit me with it's antlers I flew into the sky making It crash into a tree. It charged again and this time I decided to make a move. I kicked it hard and one of its antlers flew off. I out tired it and it fell to the floor. I sank my fangs inside and fed. Soon i had blood surrounding my face. I dragged both of the prey to a corner of the back of the house. I heard footsteps so I wiped the blood off my face. And read the thoughts of whoever was coming all I read was: I can't wait to see Renesmee. I knew it was Isabella or there was a chance it was Mommy, Daddy, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Jacob, or Emmett. 

I hopped onto the roof of the house and hid my head behind the chimney. I looked over and there I saw Isabella, Mira Bella, and Vanessa waiting in the front of the yard. I hopped off the roof and ran to the front of the house to greet them. 



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