Renesmee the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen has finally met some new friends. The only problem is that they are humans. Renesmee's new friends persuade her parents to let her come to school. Soon the school bully and her followers start eves dropping on Renesmee and her friends. Renesmee must reveal her secrets to her friends in order to help them. Renesmee is also powerful so is the rest of the Cullen's but one of her friends has the power to stop all this drama. But she is going to have to give up her life to save everyone.


3. Plans

Daddy sat on my bed and I sat next to him.  Daddy... I said as i played with his hands. I met 3 girls outside, and one of them has special blood. I could smell it as clear as can be. They are a special group I said slowly. I can play with them tomorrow? I asked him.

Res you know that your not allowed to be outside... He said to me. I know daddy I just- 

Mom walked in and leaned in the door way.

Daddy got up and put his arm over her. They walked out together. I was going to play with those girls tomorrow no matter what. Since mommy and daddy were going out tomorrow they'd be leaving me with Carlisle and Esme. She'd never leave me alone with Jacob. I had the plan, that afternoon while they are busy I would sneak out and spend time with those girls. 

Plus this was my only chance to gain some friends. 

I left my mind blank because if Daddy heard my thoughts than probably mommy could. I climbed into my bed and sat there, I barley sleep cause i don't have to. Most of my life is boring.... But it wont be soon.

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