Renesmee the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen has finally met some new friends. The only problem is that they are humans. Renesmee's new friends persuade her parents to let her come to school. Soon the school bully and her followers start eves dropping on Renesmee and her friends. Renesmee must reveal her secrets to her friends in order to help them. Renesmee is also powerful so is the rest of the Cullen's but one of her friends has the power to stop all this drama. But she is going to have to give up her life to save everyone.


7. I can trust them

I sat the 3 girls down and I explained everything that happened to my mother and me through this whole time. Isabella knew awfully alot about vampires. She was really cool so were the other girls. I soon began telling them about my super fast speed. After I explained what I was and my family. Isabella leaned forward and touched my face. 

Cold but cool.. She was shaking a bit. I would've been too if my friend was a vampire.

You guys promise not to tell? I asked with watery eyes. If you tell my whole race and my family will be dead and everyone who knows including you. I said as a tear rolled. 

Don't worry.. Isabella said. I knew a vampire before once... Her name was Stella. She was killed by Volturi... Isabella said shedding a small tear. 

I smiled because I had finally found some girls who i could trust and my mom and family know who they are... Sorta


Mommy walked in. Everything straightened out? She asked, We all nodded. Yes mommy and they can be trusted.. She knew a vampire I said pointing to Isabella. She waved a bit and smiled. 

Well you girls should get home Mom started to say as she opened the door. Goodbye 

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