Renesmee the daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen has finally met some new friends. The only problem is that they are humans. Renesmee's new friends persuade her parents to let her come to school. Soon the school bully and her followers start eves dropping on Renesmee and her friends. Renesmee must reveal her secrets to her friends in order to help them. Renesmee is also powerful so is the rest of the Cullen's but one of her friends has the power to stop all this drama. But she is going to have to give up her life to save everyone.


6. Attack

That afternoon as always I told mommy I went out to hunt by myself. I once again caught a quick prey and waited for my friends to arrive. I would soon tell them, after mother approved. If she loved me she will let me be happy. 

I finally realized that Isabella, Vanessa, and Mira Belle were walking down the street to the front yard. I ran to greet them, I guess I was running vampire speed because when i approached them Vanessa laughed and say "Woah!! How do you run like that"?! 

I laughed back. Um.. It runs in the family I said nervously. I want you guys to meet my family.. I said leading them inside. Once inside everyone's eyes shot to the door. Everyone's eyes turned a dark red. 

Edward's P.O.V.

As soon as I looked at that young girl with the dark brown hair and brown eyes.... The smell of her blood... She was just like Bella.... I couldn't read her mind... She's very powerful.. She was born to be a vampire... The other two have another type of blood. I sniffed the air once more. I could see the thirst in Rosalie. Before she could charge at the girl I tackled her. Carlisle held back Jasper.


Bella's P.O.V.

That little girl was special. She was just like me. Their whole group was special they would be controlling new borns. They were all meant for this. I could read her thoughts but we could not communicate since she was human. 

Everyone leave the room Edward you stay I said to everyone. The room was empty, evacuated.

Renesmee explain what you have done... I said to her. We were in a great danger. The Volturi would soon know and declare a fight. We had to do something about this...

Mommy.. I only wanted you to meet my friends Renesmee said in a quiet tone. Okay, So why don't you explain to them what is going on here? I told her as Edward and I left the room

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