Sounds Crazy?!

This is actually a dream I had! It's weird I know:P Two twelve year old directioners get asked to plan Louis' wedding while Simone (one of the directioners) finds out that she has a relative who she never thought it would be? And what's wrong with Zayn? Is he falling for Eleanor? This is my first movella, there will be sexual scenes but nothing to dirty, contains strong language Much love Xo


7. What now?

Niall's POV


Oh my... Wow, uh erm... Sooooo, that was something I wasn't expecting to hear, small world huh? I wonder why Harry hasn't said anything before? I mean, I know it's a big thing but he could of pre-warned us just incase something like this did happen. 

Simone started shaking, probably of shock, I didn't know what to do, Liam's the one who knows what to do in situations like this so I looked over at him and he was crying, he seen me looking at him and motioned me to hug her. I did as he told me to and she sobbed even louder. I knew she probably wanted me to calm her down because she has a 'crush' on me which I think is cute... 

"I'll go call Eleanor." Louis stood up but before he could leave Simone said "No... No I don't want everyone to know. Just er, yano uhm..." "Can you leave me and Simone alone for a bit please?" Harry looked at everyone including me but I mouthed to him that I'm staying. Everyone left and it all went silent, Harry was sitting opposite Simone while I was still comforting her. "I know this is probably hard for you but at least say som-" Harry stared crying again. Simone looked up and at Harry, her eyes were red and the tears were still streaming down her face. "What do you want me to say? I can't believe that my supposedly 'brother' is Harry fucking Styles! I thought you were really fit but that has changed my view on a whole lot of things now." Harry's face went from angry to sad then to a light chuckle. 

"I don't know what to say?" Simone whispered. Then it got awkward, I hate awkward moments so I just got up and walked away, Simone looked at me and nodded. 


Simone's POV


Woooaah! Wasn't expecting that, what am I meant to do now? I don't want everyone to know that's why I told Louis not to tell Eleanor because that would ruin her day out with the girls. Harry told everyone to go and they did but Niall didn't, I think he knew that I wanted him to stay. Not because he's my favorite but because I think he's the most caring, I didn't know what to say but luckily harry spoke up "I know this is probably hard for you but at least say som-" I cut him off.

Yeh obviously this is going to be hard for me, I mean I have a brother who is famous and I didn't know anything about it until now! "What do you want me to say? I can't believe that my supposedly 'brother' is Harry fucking Styles! I thought you were really fit but that has changed my view on a whole lot of things now." I was angry but I didn't want to upset anyone because as you can tell this is a very emotional time.

"I don't know what to say?" I was confused, my feelings were everywhere. Niall left and I could tell that he didn't like the atmosphere so I nodded and he was gone, Harry was looking at me and I was looking at the floor, "You look like mum." He said. "WHAT? WHAT YOU GOING ON ABOUT? I'VE NEVER MET 'MUM' BEFORE!... Look I'm sorry, I just, I don't know?" He came and sat next to me and gave me a hug and kissed my hair, he wouldn't let go. I could get used to this! Having a big brother to look after me, yeh I like that! "Good! Because I'm already getting used to looking after my baby sister." "I said that out loud didn't I?" "Yeh you did." 


Harry's POV


It's been about half an hour now and we're getting along fine, I'm glad I told her it's just how am I going to tell mum and Gemma? The boys came in and gave us a hug "Aw! Now that you think about it, you two actually look alike!" Louis was jumping all over me and the boys said that they were happy for me and Simone and grateful that we get along.

"Hey Simone?" I need to speak to her about mum and Gemma, 

"Yes Harry?"...

I took a long pause before I spoke again, "What about mum? And our sister Gemma?" 

"Yano, I completely forgot about that! And what should I say to my other parents?"

I looked at her weirdly and then remembered her adoption parents, "Oh yeh, well we could tell them?"

"No, I don't want to ruin things with Louis! After the wedding?"

"Okay but do you want to meet mum and Gemma?" She looked at me then... Woooosh, She was already out the door and in my car. I laughed then looked at the boys, "See you later then?"

"Yeh" "In a bit mate" "Haha, good luck." And I was out the door. 

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