Sounds Crazy?!

This is actually a dream I had! It's weird I know:P Two twelve year old directioners get asked to plan Louis' wedding while Simone (one of the directioners) finds out that she has a relative who she never thought it would be? And what's wrong with Zayn? Is he falling for Eleanor? This is my first movella, there will be sexual scenes but nothing to dirty, contains strong language Much love Xo


4. "Please Eleanor?"


"Those girls were actually quite nice yano, very helpful too." Harry was walking to Eleanor's with me to ask about the wedding plans and that. "Dude, we didn't even get there names!" I said while knocking on the door. "Hey babe! What you doing here?" Eleanor greets me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I came here to ask you somethings about the wedding?"...

"Louis I'm not letting some 12 year olds plan our wedding, let me at le-" "Eleanor listen to me! They're nice girls and to be honest, they know quite a lot about weddings. They came up with some good ideas, at least meet them for me? Please Eleanor?" I was now shouting, trying to get her to listen to me. "Fine but promise me we can BOTH sort ideas out?" 


RING RING RING RING... "ELEANOR!! IT'S THEM!!!" It's been about a day and a bit since we met them girls in Costa, they did actually have good ideas and I can tell Eleanor is going to love them! 


"Hi, it's Simone and Caitlin from Costa."

"Ah yeh, so when you free to sort things out?"


"Come round to Eleanor's place then we'll sort things out."

"Ok, see you then."

Then I hung up and texted them Eleanor's address and waited for them to arrive.


"Hey I'm Eleanor nice to meet you."  I heard Eleanor greet Simone and Caitlin at the door, they all walked in and Caitlin was carrying some books and Simone had a bag with what looked like samples? "So we've bought some testers to see if you like any of them? Are the rest of the boys here because I got some different colours to try out on them?" Simone said with the warmest smile on her face, she was so smart and nice for her age. "I tell you what..." Here we go again with Eleanor's silly ideas that never work?! "Simone, your really good at designing where to have the wedding and sort the boys out so I think you should go with Louis and take care of the boys?" Actually, thats not a bad idea! I always thought Simone was the sort of person that can handle a bunch of lunatics. "Yeh thats fine with me!" Simone replied. "Good, and Caitlin if its okay... You'll be sorting things out with me and the girls?" "Wait, what girls?" Caitlin was slightly confused as to who she was going to spend most of the wedding preparation with. "Oh yeh, Perrie, Dani, my mum and Louis' mum." "Thats fine with me..." Caitlin managed to say without screaming.


By now, Simone and Caitlin have left. They also left us with some books and samples to see which colours we like, "Hey lou, where did Harry go?" Eleanor asked me. "Yano I don't know? I'll ring him..." BEEP BEEP BEEP I heard his phone going off upstairs, so I followed the noise BEEEEEP it was getting louder as I neared the guest bedroom. I opened the door to see a sleeping harry with tear marks stained on his cheeks, "Hey haz, wake up bro. What's going on? Why you crying dude?" He woke up and looked up at me and said "There's something I haven't been telling you, any of you guys..." "Haz what is it?" I was slightly worried now. I've only ever seen him cry twice, maybe three times? Something must be up if it's causing him to cry. "Well, when I was seven, my mum had a baby but had to give it up for adoption because she said that it was going to be to much because of her work, me and Gemma so she gave the baby up for adoption but said that she wanted to name the baby Simone and make sure she kept that name because it was her great grandmothers name. I've looked up her past history and she has the same date of birth and everything, Lou. What do I do? I mean I can't just say that I'm her brother..."


AN-I've been trying to update as much as possible and it's half term now so I'm going to have more time! Much love Xo



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