Sounds Crazy?!

This is actually a dream I had! It's weird I know:P Two twelve year old directioners get asked to plan Louis' wedding while Simone (one of the directioners) finds out that she has a relative who she never thought it would be? And what's wrong with Zayn? Is he falling for Eleanor? This is my first movella, there will be sexual scenes but nothing to dirty, contains strong language Much love Xo


6. Oh goshhhh

Caitlin's POV


I've just arrived at Eleanor's house to go and find a wedding dress and the bridesmaids dress's, I walked up the driveway after getting the bus here because it was like 20 minutes away from my house and to be honest I really couldn't be bothered to walk... Yes because I'm that lazy! I knocked on the door and Danielle answered, "Hi, I'm Danielle. I don't think we've met yet? Eleanor has told me so much about you! Come in, the girls are in the living room." She gave me a welcoming hug and showed me into living room. Danielle has been on tour with the X Factor so she hasn't been able to go through all the wedding stuff with us, for some reason I always get nervous when I spend time with the girls because I can't get my head around the fact that I'm spending time with celebrities.

"Hey girls!" I walk into the living room and see everyone there, Eleanor, Perrie, Louis' mum and Eleanor's mum with Danielle shortly behind me. "Hi Caitlin!" They all say in unison, "Now that everyone's here, we ready to go?" Eleanor says with a hint of excitement in her voice. 

20 minutes later and we're all in this really posh wedding shop, I walked past these pair of flat shiny, silver shoes and the price caught my eye. In big red pen, the piece of card was marked with 'WAS - £600 NOW - £250' jeeez! A pair of flats can be that much? RIP OFF!!! 

The owner of the shop comes through to the front desk and asks us what were looking for. Well duh, we're in a wedding shop, what do you expect? For us to buy some pizza and chips?! Gosh some people are thick! "Yeh, actually we're looking for some bridesmaids dress's and a wedding dress." Eleanor shoots me a death glare, oops, did I say that out loud? Oh well, she'll get over it.


Louis' POV


SLAM! Obviously thats Harry, gosh that boy needs to control his emotions. I mean yeh, it's going to be hard for him but Simone has know clue what's going on! Simone gives me and the boys a questioning look and I had to keep cool because I'm the only one that knows, I looked around and the boys just shrugged their shoulders and I did the same. She then ran outside after him... Bad idea!

Me and the boys finished with what we were doing and looked through some books, "Would you boys like another drink? You must be thirsty after all this hard work?! I tell you what, why don't I make you all a homemade bacon butty?" The owner says, gosh she's changed! First screaming at us then offering us food? "Of course we would, thank you!" Liam and his manners, such a charming young boy. 


Simone's POV


"Harry what's going on?!" I shouted. He was really scaring me now, I mean what was there to tell me? He's been avoiding me for the whole time of the wedding preparation, WHATS THERE TO TELL ME?! "I think we should go home and talk about it?" His voice was shaky like someone had just died. I didn't say anything, I just followed him into the shop, we walked in and the boys were eating, I seen Niall throw the sandwich into the plant pot, obviously he didn't like it. He seen me looking at him and put a finger to his lips as if to say 'don't tell anyone' I laughed it off then my thoughts went straight back to what Harry was going to tell me.

"Boys, can we go now? I have something to tell all of you as well as Simone?" Harry's voice was still shaking. It must be bad because all the boys looked really concerned. "Yeh sure mate." Oh Niall's accent! He's always been my favorite, not that I don't like the other boys it's just... Well, it's just Niall. 

Harry was first out the door followed by the others, me and Niall were the last out. He pulled me a side and said "Look, prepare yourself for the worst because I've only ever seen hi-" His eyes are so blue, jeez his accent haha it feels like I'm in heaven! "Simone?" "SIMONE!?" I was snapped out of my day dream, Niall was shouting at me, oops. "I really appreciate that I'm your favorite but are you listening to me?" Did I say that out loud? "Please say that I didn't say that ou-" "Yeh, you kind of did, come here!" He gave me a hug and said "Aw! You have a crush on me..." He was taking the piss out if me now and I could feel my self go bright red, "But seriously Simone-" He let go of me and put his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye, "I've only ever seen Harry like this once and it was bad, so please PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE WORST! Yeh?" I nodded in agreement and we headed towards the car.

The ride home was awkward, I don't think anyone knew what to say but as soon as we walked in the house everyone headed towards the living room. Niall sat next to me and whispered "I'm here for you yeh?" I nodded and waited for what Harry had to say... "So erm guys well... uh" He kept stuttering, "Spit it out mate!" You could tell Zayn was getting frustrated because of the tone of anger that was in his voice. "Okay, okay, well it's going to be hard: When I was 7, my mum had another baby, she erm... Unfortunately she had to give the baby up for adoption because she didn't have enough time to look after me, Gemma and the baby because of work. She had a baby girl and, well um... She wanted her adoption parents to give her the name... Simone because it was the name of her great grandmother." Is that it? Did he only want to say that? A coincidence that her name was Simone like mine! Uh, I was about to say something when he continued. "And I've done some research and the date of birth and stuff is the exact same as yours Simone." He looked at me and smiled a weak smile, "Your my baby sister Simone." I started shaking, is this some sort of joke? I know that I'm adopted because I found some sheets in my 'mums' droor, I just didn't bother saying anything.


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