Sounds Crazy?!

This is actually a dream I had! It's weird I know:P Two twelve year old directioners get asked to plan Louis' wedding while Simone (one of the directioners) finds out that she has a relative who she never thought it would be? And what's wrong with Zayn? Is he falling for Eleanor? This is my first movella, there will be sexual scenes but nothing to dirty, contains strong language Much love Xo


3. Costa

So me and Caitlin have just woken up and we both are still really tired, we decided to get changed and take a walk to costa. I was wearing some black skinny jeans and a orange jumper with some hightops. Caitlin put on a pair of leggings with a white sleeveless top with a blue cardigan and some TOMS. 


It was now around 1:30pm and we had just walked into costa, I ordered a hot chocolate with a muffin and Caitlin got some cookies and a tea. We sat near the window and started talking about Louis an Eleanor, "I'm so happy for them! I wonder what colour the bridesmaids dress's are going to be like?" Caitlin wouldn't stop going on about it. "Imagine if the venue was like a massive house and there was a little bridge with a stream and OMG a chandelier dangling from the ceiling as you walk in!" I was getting way to excited now. "I could see Eleanor walking down the isle with a long white lace dress with stitches running up the back and the bridesmaids with red dress's." "And the boys in a very neat suit with a litte gold flower coming out of the pocket." I said nearly knocking my hot chocolate everywhere.

We were still talking about the wedding and it was now 3:00pm, someone tapped on my shoulder so I turned round to see who it was... "Sorry, I couldn't help but over hear your conversation about our wedding and i was wondering if I could write the ideas down if thats okay with you two?" OH MY GOSH! Louis Tomlinson is standing right in front of me asking for wedding ideas, I mean... That sounds crazy! "Erm, uh yeh ugh sure." Caitlin kept stuttering. Then out of no where Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn grab a chair and sit around the table with us. 

"You two are great! You should so plan Louis' wedding with us?" Niall said with a mouthful of chocolate. We must have been in Costa for about 4 hours because it was closing time, "Yeh come help us? Tell 'em lou!" Zayn shouted in Louis ear. Wait... Hang on a minute, did he just say 'help plan their wedding'? "Haha, very funny!" I said in a sarcastic voice. "No, I agree with the lads. Come and help us? Please? It'll be so much easier if we have girls opinions." Me and Caitlin just looked at each other and laughed, "Your not actually serious are you?" Caitlin said with a hint of happiness. "Of course! Look we got to go, heres my number so ring me when your free? I'll speak to Eleanor about it and ask what she wants yeh?" Louis handed me a piece of paper and left Costa with the rest of the boys....


"Should we do it or not?" Caitlin was questioning me while debating whether or not to ring Louis...

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