Sounds Crazy?!

This is actually a dream I had! It's weird I know:P Two twelve year old directioners get asked to plan Louis' wedding while Simone (one of the directioners) finds out that she has a relative who she never thought it would be? And what's wrong with Zayn? Is he falling for Eleanor? This is my first movella, there will be sexual scenes but nothing to dirty, contains strong language Much love Xo


8. Awks...

Perrie's POV


We haven't heard anything from the boys so we just went straight home, we finished early which is better for me because I get to speak to Zayn, he's been acting really weird lately like he would come home and go straight to bed or won't speak to me just a "Hello" and he's gone. I'm slightly worried but oh well...

We pulled up outside Eleanor's house and the boys were already home, all the cars were there except for Harry's. We walked in and the boys were deep in discussion, "Why is everyone home early?" Caitlin asked. "Something happened, We'll tell you about it in a bit. Why are you home so early babe?" Louis asked Eleanor. "Just finished doing what we needed to do quicker than we expected." Louis' and Eleanor's mum went home because apparently they didn't like staying in crowded places but to be honest it was only 9 people because Harry and Simone weren't there.


Caitlin's POV


"Hey guys, Wheres Harry and Simone?" I was worried because Simone was always with the boys and never went anywhere without all of them. "The thing is." Zayn started, he looked over at Niall, "Yeh about that, I really can't be arsed to tell the whole thing so long story short, we all found out that Simone and Harry are brother and sister and Harry took Simone to go and meet Gemma and they're mum." "Oh so nothing important... WAIT WHAT?!" I shouted.

I processed what Niall said and I was shocked but I would ask Simone about it when she got home, I got bored and I think everyone else was apart from Louis and Eleanor who were doing stuff upstairs, i don't know what they're doing... ew!

"Is anyone else bored?" Zayn asked, I nodded my head and he told me to go and get a film from Louis' and Eleanor's room. I ran upstairs and opened all the doors, I didn't know where they're room was? I opened the next door and there it was... Louis and Eleanor yano, uh goshh, HAVING SEX! Eleanor started moaning Louis name in pleasure as obviously they were riding they're high.

Ew, I swear this is never going to leave my mind, urghh JUST GO AWAY!! I closed their door quietly and started walking downstairs. "Wheres the film?" Niall asked and everyones head turned toward me. I just stood still and pointed upstairs, "Louis erm Eleanor, gosh." I said but they still didn't understand, "Having sex..." I whispered. They all burst out laughing and I felt myself go bright red. "God Caitlin, it looked like you seen a ghost haha!" I gave Liam a death glare. 

Louis and Eleanor came downstairs "What's everyone laughing at?" They asked. Louis looked at me and said "Gee Caitlin, why are you so pale?" He went to give me a hug but I stepped back and screamed "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Then the others burst out laughing again, literally rolling on the floor. Everything was so overwhelming so I just walked out the front door and sat on the curb. I'm 12 years old. I shouldn't be humiliated like that, that's gross what I've just seen, I'm going to be scared for life!


Louis' POV


Me and Eleanor got bored so we decided to check through the guest list upstairs, I couldn't be bothered to do that either so I planted kisses up and down her arm followed up to her neck. "Louis not now, there's people down stairs!" She started complaining, "They won't hear us!" She sighed and then took my top off followed by her own... Jesus this was good, we were half way doing it when I swear I heard someone open the door! I looked over at it and it was closed? Oh well...

We finished and walked downstairs, everybody was laughing and I didn't know why? "What's everyone laughing at?" I was curious now, I looked around and I seen Caitlin not laughing, she looked humiliated and like she seen a ghost. "Gee Caitlin, why are you so pale?" I went to give her a hug but she stepped back and screamed in my face "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Then she ran outside and the others burst out laughing again?!

"Seriously guys, what's so funny?" I asked, they all calmed down when they seen Caitlin run outside. "She seen you and Eleanor doing it upstairs, I told her to go and get a film but she seen you two and she's kind of scarred." Zayn said. "Guys I think we've embarrassed her!" Danielle said. "I'll go speak to her and see if she's okay?" Liam's always there for people, such a nice guy.


Liam's POV


I walked outside and saw Caitlin sat on the curb, "Hey, we didn't mean to embarrass you, we just found it funny." Caitlin looked up and said "It's okay, it's just that it was awkward and I can't go back in there now! They'll all think I'm weird or something?" "No they won't, trust me, we just forgot that your so young and didn't understand the sense of humour!" "No I understand it's just everyone was laughing at me and I didn't like it."

We walked back inside and everyone apologized, "Yeh we're sorry too, we didn't mean for you to see that!" Louis said. Caitlin nodded and just didn't say anything else. It was late now and everyone either went to bed or went home, I stayed up with Caitlin because she needed to wait for Simone, "Hey Liam? I'm really tired and I can't go home because my parents think I'm staying at Simone's, what should I do?" 

"Well I need to wait for Harry because he's my lift home seeing as we both live in the same apartment, why don't you come home with us and you can stay with Simone?" 

"Yeh okay." 


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