Sounds Crazy?!

This is actually a dream I had! It's weird I know:P Two twelve year old directioners get asked to plan Louis' wedding while Simone (one of the directioners) finds out that she has a relative who she never thought it would be? And what's wrong with Zayn? Is he falling for Eleanor? This is my first movella, there will be sexual scenes but nothing to dirty, contains strong language Much love Xo


1. Intro.

So, it's Friday! And I'm having a sleepover with my best friend Caitlin. Me and Caitlin are like DIE HARD DIRECTIONERS and we stalk 1D all the time!! Oh wait... I haven't introduced myself, my name is Simone Farrington and I'm nearly 13, I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I have a baby brother and a baby sister, they get on my nerves sometimes but I love them to bits! I wouldn't say I'm popular at school but I have my moments. I'm in set 1 for nearly everything... Yes I bet you all thinking 'smart arse' but idgaf:P Me and Caitlin have known each other for 1 and a bit years now and we get along like a house on fire! She is so pretty, anyway so we're walking home from school now back to my house. We've both got a headphone in each ear listening to TMH, we we're too caught up in what we're doing to realize someone was coming towards us. Caitlin accidentally knocks into this tall figure and shouts "Watch where your going! Dumb prick..." Knowing Caitlin to start arguments this mysterious boy puts his hands up in defense and shouts back "Watch what your saying, you don't know what Bradford bad boy your speaking to!" Then he walks away like nothings happened. Me and Caitlin give each other that look to say 'What the fuck was that about?' 

Let me describe Caitlin more, she has long brown/purple hair and brown eyes. She's roughly the same height as me and she has an older brother and sister. Caitlin wears make-up where as I don't, to be honest i don't think caitlin needs to wear make-up because she's so damn pretty! She has a funny, bubbly, light-hearted personality but when you annoy her, you really PISS her off! 

We stopped at the shop to get some sweets for the sleepover and we we're waiting in the line to pay when we see a familiar green beanie with a few curls hanging out. I knew Caitlin had already seen it because she was on a hype trying not to embarrass herself. It kind of failed because everyone was staring at her like she was an alien or an abnormal creature. We couldn't possibly think it could of been him so we just left it and started walking home.

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