Just Another Vampire Story

Ella was a regular girl, did what her mom told her to, behaved like she should. But that was in the year 1882, in London, France. Since then she has been different, not herself. Now she is in the present year. In America. Little does she know that America is home to the biggest group of Vampire Hunters, and that she could have feelings for one of them. The leaders' son. This is a book about Ella trying to free herself from danger, but not let go of the one thing she realizes is hardest to find. True love.


1. Prologue

London, 1882


The trees used to whisper to me, with the wind pushing them playfully. Then, everything happened. When I went missing all those years ago, nobody wondered what had happened to me. Everyone had thought I had simply gone away on a trip, I was eighteen after all. Soon, my mother began to worry for I hadn't been home in months. I hadn't contacted her, it would have put her in the danger I so desperately wished to keep her from. But, like she always had, she went against my secret wishes. She went looking for me, and got many men and horses to search for me.

I hadn't left on purpose; it was just something that happened. Actually, I hadn't even left on my own free will. The things took me, the things you hear about, but never assume real. My mother, like many others, didn't think them real either. She just wanted her daughter back, me. However, she didn't know that I wasn't hers any longer. I was gone to the world that I once knew, the one she still lived in.

When the things heard of the search party out for me, they left. They had wanted me to come with them; they said I didn't understand what I was yet. I wasn't human, they told me, not anymore. There was no chance I would believe them, though. I wanted to see my mother. They tried to tell me, but I just wouldn't listen.

So they left me behind. I stayed in a small house made of ash wood, and thick windows so nothing could break in. Many weeks passed and I waited, until I grew famished.I hunted, and ate the meat of anything I could find. Rabbit, deer, fox, the occasional duck. Nothing worked though. I just gre hungrier and hungrier. Sometimes I would black out, other times I would man an animal-like sound and stop myself before it turned into anything more.

Everything changed when the search party arrived. Who knew, maybe it changed before that. All I knew was that the sensation that filled me when the people arrived was knowledge. I knew what was supposed to happen. I smelled it first; it smelled warm, sweet, hypnotic. I needed to have that smell, feel that warmth. I ripped out of the house and chansed down the smell, I smiled when I found the source. The people yelled to the group behind them, letting them know I had been found. The horses didn't like me though, they reared and bucked. The horses turned wild, trying to run but the people would let them. Their mistake.

The rest of the group caught up, and my mother was with them. Her eyes lit up when she saw me, but I could only think of my hunger. "Ella!" She screamed and ran towards me. I felt a flash of fear and shook off the hunger, then took a large step back.

Just then, another face I recognised appeared. My mothers mistress's husband, Hadden, held her shoulder, "Baly, this is not your daughter. At lease, not anymore."

"How dare you?" My mother pulled away from his grasp, "Are you accusing me of not knowing my own daughter? My own blood?" She glared at Hadden and continued toward me. I hesitantly took another step back. Part of me had agreed with Hadden, I wasn't her daughter anymore, or at least part of me wasn't. Something was... Off. My gaze swept up to me Hadden's, he knew what I was. He shifted his gaze to the green grass below his feet, not looking at me.

"Hadden," My voice was raspy because I hadn't spoken in so long; there had been no need; "What am I?" My voice shook the smallest bit and my lip quivered. Hadden just shook his head.

            “You are my daughter!” My mom yelled, but with no conviction, “You are Ella, daughter of Aaron and Baly Clark! You know this!” She looked at Hadden, begging him to agree.  He shook his head.

                “She’s one of them, Baly. We mustn’t let her live.” Hadden said quietly and tears started to fly down my mom’s face as she shook her head rapidly.

                “No,” She whimpered, “She’s not… She can’t be…” She covered her face and her whole body shook rapidly.

                “She is, I’m so sorry Baly. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now but we must kill her before she kills. If we wait until after then it might be too late. She could be too powerful.”

                “We can’t kill her! She’s my daughter! My only child! The only one left in the Clark family tree. If she dies, nobody carries on the legacy. It will die with her!” She screamed at Hadden.

                “Mom?” I squeaked out and everyone there jerked their heads to glare at me, except mom. “What’s going on? What am I? What legacy?”

                “Oh honey…” She started then couldn’t finish due to a fit of sobs that followed those two words and I started stepping back faster and faster.

                Hadden looked at me finally, and then whispered, “I really am sorry Ella.” Before he yelled, “Kill her!” And with that, everyone there ran after me, except Hadden and mom.

                A scream erupted from my chest as I tripped over my dress I had been wearing the day I was taken. Within seconds I felt a weight on top of me and my scream was silenced. I struggled to get out from under the strange weight when the forgotten need for the smell rose up in my body. There was a moment where everything froze, and then a new instinct took over. My gums stung for a second as something extended out of them. The person causing the weight on top of me froze and then screamed and I nipped at him. He fell off of me and tried to scramble away, but I caught up. Animal sounds escaped my mouth as I lunged, and the sounds were silenced when a sweet, metallic taste filled my mouth.

                It took me a few seconds to realize that my newly found teeth were ripped into the poor guy’s neck.  A tugging by my hair is the only thing that caused me to pull back and growl at the newly found source of a snack. My teeth barred and I bit that guy in the same place the other guy was bleeding out of now. That process continued until there were only two people left. My mom, and Hadden stood where they had been in the beginning, before any of this started. I felt myself start to crouch, but I stopped just in time. Then, I started slowly walking towards the two people I had known my whole life. Hadden started backing up, but mom stood her ground.

                When I reached them, I felt tears stream down my face. “You should run.” I whispered to my mom, the only living family member I had left. She just smiled sadly and shook her head. “Then you should kill me.” I felt a small sob escape my throat and held back the ones that wanted to follow.

                “You know I can’t do that.” She shook her head again and brushed the tears from my cheek, “It is you that should run though.” She looked at all the dead then back at me, “There will be more hunters coming, we weren’t the only ones…”

                I nodded, “I will… But before I go, what am I?” My whole body shook with the left over adrenaline, and with the cold.

                “Do you really want to know?” The forgotten Hadden stood by a tree, far away from me. He watched me with disgust and my mom with pity.

                I nodded but said, “Not from you, though. I want to hear it from my mother.” I stuck up my chin stubbornly, and then looked back at my mom.

                She took a deep breath, and tears filled her eyes until they over flowed, “Ella, my dear…” She cleared her throat, “You are a vampyre.”

                I gasped, loudly. Then I took a step back, then another, “That can’t be true! You are delirious, mother!”

                “If only that were the case, my darling.” She coughed then turned so serious, it scared me. “Now, you must go! You can’t stay! They’re coming, they will kill you!” She took some steps back from me and smiled sadly again, before saying, “Run! Don’t stop, don’t turn around. Just run like your life depends on it, because it does! And remember, I love you, no matter what you become.”

                A loud shout came from behind her, “Hey! I think their over here!” A male voice shouted and my mother tensed up.

                “Run!” She whispered harshly.

                So, I did. I ran long and hard, never stopping, never slowing. Not once did I look back, but the whole time I ran, images haunted me. I killed them. All those men. Their blood was on my hands.

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