Just another Guy (FULL)

Valeria used to be best friends with Liam payne for 8 years. All the girls are all over him when he comes to town, even the girls she has trusted for years finds out the secret and wants to meet Liam and do some dirty work to Valeria. They make their move and Valeria survives leaving and meeting to trust worthy girls. They soon move into their cousins house Harry Styles. Harry has a huge crush on Valeria but she knows Liam is the one she has been waiting for. How will this all go down?


7. Zayn has a crush.

I decided to make the first move between Valeria and I. I really liked her and I wanted to prove to her that i'm not just another guy, That's probably what she see's me as but not for long

Ajayla's P.O.V.

I was laying on my bed testing out my new microphone Harry had bought me. I plugged it into the nearest outlet and starting singing One Direction She's not afraid. Usually I would sing in a high note for Harry's Part. I started singing

*Sneaks out in the middle of the night yeah, tight dress with the top cut low she's addicted to- *

I was interrupted by Zayn who came into the room. I continued singing until he sat next to me. 

Hey Ajayla, I was wondering if you'd like to do a duet with me sometime? He asked. Oh sure I'd love to... I said smiling. 

And if I could take you out tomorrow tonight, He asked blushing. I blushed back and nodded, Sure... I replied quietly. Zayn and I kept silence until we stared at each other and Zayn leaned in. I leaned in and we kissed, at the same moment Harry walked in.

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