Just another Guy (FULL)

Valeria used to be best friends with Liam payne for 8 years. All the girls are all over him when he comes to town, even the girls she has trusted for years finds out the secret and wants to meet Liam and do some dirty work to Valeria. They make their move and Valeria survives leaving and meeting to trust worthy girls. They soon move into their cousins house Harry Styles. Harry has a huge crush on Valeria but she knows Liam is the one she has been waiting for. How will this all go down?


11. They found me!!!

Valeria's P.O.V.

It was really dark and Liam was walking me. I began slowing down because of my heels. Before I could tell Liam he swept me off my feet. All I could do was stare into his dreamy eyes. He led me to a strange place, I didn't know where but something about it gave me a click. Soon he put me down and I could feel the grass on my feet as I took off my heels. I knew exactly where we were. One by one the lights sprang on, It was so romantic!!

In the waterfall there were baby lily pads with little lights on them, One by one they sprang on and less than 2 minutes the place was full with light. Liam sat me down at a beautifully decorated table.

I smiled and we both gazed at each other until 3 people came in. It was Louis, Kristen, and Ajayla!! They set down plates of food and Ajayla winked at me while they left. I began eating my food, Once I was done Louis came back in and brought us both small baskets of popcorn, and chocolates. 

Liam... Did you really do this all for me...? At least.. we're only friends... Right? I said glumly as I looked down at the ground. Liam lifted my chin up, You know i've been in love with you right? He said smiling. A tear dropped and he wiped it gently as he leaned in and kissed me. 

I pulled away and it got quiet and awkward. I began eating my popcorn until at the end of the basket I saw I tiny note. I unwrapped it and it read: Valeria will you go out with me?~ Liam <3. I smiled and hugged him, he lifted me from the ground. YES!!! I WILL GO OUT WITH YOU!!!! I screamed in Joy. I smacked my lips against his as the lily pad lights shut off. I looked at Liam scared and he had a confused look on his face. Soon the door to the park opened and in stepped two girls with a candle. 



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