Just another Guy (FULL)

Valeria used to be best friends with Liam payne for 8 years. All the girls are all over him when he comes to town, even the girls she has trusted for years finds out the secret and wants to meet Liam and do some dirty work to Valeria. They make their move and Valeria survives leaving and meeting to trust worthy girls. They soon move into their cousins house Harry Styles. Harry has a huge crush on Valeria but she knows Liam is the one she has been waiting for. How will this all go down?


6. The album.

I woke up and looked at my phone. It was 9:31, Liam wasn't by me. I sat up on the bed and looked in my bag. I pulled out the album. This is what they were looking for.... What if they come to get me... I have to tell somebody to protect everyone those girls are lunatics. 

I opened up the album and looked through it, It was filled with pictures of myself and my old best friends. He moved away and we hadn't seen each other. I really missed him, I wonder what he's been up to.. If he had a girlfriend. I flipped to the back of the book and pulled out the picture that we last had together. It was ripped in half. I had the piece of him and he had the piece of me. I looked around the room and this small box tempted me to open it. When no one was looking I opened it i looked around the box and I finally reached the bottom. Down there was a picture of me when I was little!!! I grabbed the picture and put it next to mine. Ripped side to Ripped side. 

That was the whole picture. I gasped and a tear slid down my cheek. Liam was him........ The boy that I loved and the boy that I always stood by. He always protected me... Soon I heard my name called so I dropped the picture and ran downstairs. 

Yeah? I asked as I stood by the doorway. Come eat Ajayla said picking up a plate of food. I walked over and picked up a plate. Everyone began sitting around the table. I looked over at Liam who was patting the seat next to him. So was Harry. Who should I pick?? How about we all sit in the living room? I suggested as I walked into the living room and sit in the middle of the couch. Liam sat on on the left and Harry sat on the right. Zayn sat by Harry followed my Niall Kristen Louis and Connor. Ajayla came in looking for a place to sit, realizing there was no where to sit she sat on the floor. 

Ajayla you can sit on my lap... Zayn said blushing. She walked over to Zayn and she sat on him. I could see the anger in Harry's eyes. 

After we all finished, Connor suggested we play a game since this place is so huge. I figured that would be fun, so did everyone else. I went upstairs to take a shower,


Liam's P.O.V.

I went upstairs and into my room. On the bed I saw a picture, My picture!! The ripped picture I got from my best friend when we were little. It was right next to this album. I opened it up and it said Property of: Valeria SotoMayor. I smiled, I remembered everything... She was the girl that I had fallen in love with... We were finally reunited

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