Just another Guy (FULL)

Valeria used to be best friends with Liam payne for 8 years. All the girls are all over him when he comes to town, even the girls she has trusted for years finds out the secret and wants to meet Liam and do some dirty work to Valeria. They make their move and Valeria survives leaving and meeting to trust worthy girls. They soon move into their cousins house Harry Styles. Harry has a huge crush on Valeria but she knows Liam is the one she has been waiting for. How will this all go down?


8. Surprises

ZAYN WHAT THE HELL?! Harry yelled as I pulled away from the kiss. Zayn was wide eyed at Harry. Harry I- 

Harry interrupted him and threw him into the hallway where Zayn hit his hand against the wall. Harry got on top of him and they started fighting. 

HARRY!! ZAYN!! STOP!! I yelled and I pushed Harry off of Zayn. Harry started coming back to Zayn so I had to kick him in the stomach. He fell to the floor groaning. 

Harry!! I am so sorry!! I had to !!! I fell to the floor feeling helpless and I started crying. Zayn hugged me, Im sorry for kissing you... He whispered softly, kissed my cheek and got up to leave. 

Harry got up stumbling and sat next to me. I'm sorry, he said as a tear escaped his eye. I just don't want you to hurt he said to me. Harry... I promise I'll be fine I said as I hugged him. He nodded Okay, but if he hurts you it'll be a situation he said. I smiled Thanks Harry, Now c'mon lemme get you an ice pack I said as i led him to the kitchen. 


Liam's P.O.V.

I put on my coat and left. I walked to the secret park. I would ask her out there since that was our special place. We were very very young and we wandered from home and ended up in that park. The only people that know other than Val and I is Ajayla and Kristen. I had a couple of bags in my hand and I decided to start decoration. I walked over to the waterfall and placed her favorite roses in them, Purple roses. I rolled out a carpet and sprinkled it with rose petals. I set up a table and put on some table cloth. Then I put a candle on the table followed by am lighter. After everything was in place I asked Kristen Louis and Ajayla for a favor. 

What is it? Louis asked raising his eyebrow. Well, I need you to be my server because tonight im gonna ask Valeria out.... I said slowly. Ajayla clapped and hopped up and down I'll do it!!! Im in!! Kristen and Ajayla shouted. Louis pulled his buttoned shirt open revealing a super man shirt. SUPERMAN CAN AND WILL DO ANYTHING!!!! Louis screamed. Alright then...

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