Just another Guy (FULL)

Valeria used to be best friends with Liam payne for 8 years. All the girls are all over him when he comes to town, even the girls she has trusted for years finds out the secret and wants to meet Liam and do some dirty work to Valeria. They make their move and Valeria survives leaving and meeting to trust worthy girls. They soon move into their cousins house Harry Styles. Harry has a huge crush on Valeria but she knows Liam is the one she has been waiting for. How will this all go down?


2. Leaving

I laid onto my bed and thought. Why would Lily ask me such a question and what was with that strange look. I knew she was up to something.


Lily's P.O.V.

I went into the bathroom where Angie was fake coughing up a storm. Did you get any information? She asked as she looked up from the toilet. No, But I can't believe we've been working on this retarded girl for so long and we still haven't found any information. I think this is it... Were gonna have to commit and crime and look around the house. 

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I walked back into Valeria's room and closed the door. She looked up at me and had wide eyes at the knife. I walked towards her and she screamed. She grabbed my laptop and smashed my head with it. 


Valeria's P.O.V

What the hell! Lily just freaking came into my room with a knife basically threatening me. I grabbed a notebook and wrote a small note for Connor. I grabbed a suitcase and put in a lot of clothes. I threw in my laptop and my secret album. I knew that Angie had something to do with this and they always had back up. I grabbed a jacket and put it on and grabbed my phone. I threw my suitcase out of the window. Soon I heard footsteps, It was Angie!! She had a knife too. She threw it at me and It made a dent in the wall. She wrestled me to the ground and grabbed the knife out of the wall and before she could stab me I kicked her off and wrestled her to the window where she fell out. Head first I didn't want to hear anything but I knew she wasn't dead. I was tear eyed and I hopped out the window and grabbed my suitcase. I began running. I heard footsteps and soon Angie and Lily were behind me. I ran and ran until I realized they would never find me in the secret park. I ran in there and sat on the grassy floor. I panted and panted. Soon I heard footsteps fading and fading. Just then I fell asleep.

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