I Need You

ok. so my friend wanted me to write a Movella about Justin Bieber.so i did! I need you, is about Linnea. She is 16 years old. Her mother threw her out because she was smoking and she has nowhere to go ...


21. where is the ice cream?

Linneas pov 


it has now gat 9 weeks sen justin proposed. Justin and I have decided to wait to get married for a little while because we are so young. He explained that the engagement was so that everyone could see that it was we who were connected with each other. I liked it. I looked at Justin. His hair fluttered a little in the wind, and he looked a little annoyed. My eyes were dazzled again and again by all blixts from the paparazzi.

"Justin! Linnea! Look here! Can you kiss each other? Justin!"

"Can you leave us?" Justin asked angrily. we would just go and buy ice cream and so did they come.

"Justin, how long have you known Linnea?" someone asked.

"Justin! Your girlfriend is ugly!" somebody said. Justin stopped and looked at me. he kissed me on the lips feather light and whispered

"you are the most beautiful in the world," I smiled at him.

"justin: she only wants you for your money. "Justin knew it was not true., he turned to the man who said it.

" I was with her before I became famous, I left her and she took me back anyway, she do not just want me for my money, "he said angrily. paparazzi were not satisfied.

" she just wants to be known as you Justin, she wants your money. " the man with the camera had justin's first reaction today and refused to give up.

" She does not love you Justin " Now it was Justin pissed. He pounced on the man and hit him on the head. He took the man's camera and threw it to the ground.

"Justin, come let's go!" I tried but he ignored me. I started to walk away. if he did not care so I would not either. The next thing that happened was fast. I pushed myself away from Justin. I  still got photographed. much.

"Linnea wait!" I heard Justin shout. I stopped and waited for him. Just then there came a van occupant against me. it stopped right beside me. I felt Justin put his hand on my shoulder to arrive faster. out of the Van stepped out  three men with masks.

"Justin!" I shouted desperately when one of them grabbed me. The man who grabbed me turned me so that I had to face Justin. He put a cloth on my mouth. my eyes were locked in justin. I was so scared. I cried. I hit the man but nothing happened. Justin tried to get up to me but could not because of the other men who blocked his path. he hit one of them so hard that he blacked out. the other man got angry and took out a gun. I began to feel tired. it was something on  the cloth of my mouth. I tried to keep my eyes open. I saw the panic in Justin's eyes as the man directed the gun at him and pulled the trigger. my eyes closed and my body became limp.

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