I Need You

ok. so my friend wanted me to write a Movella about Justin Bieber.so i did! I need you, is about Linnea. She is 16 years old. Her mother threw her out because she was smoking and she has nowhere to go ...


3. she's not afraid


Justin's POV


it felt weird when I first saw her. She looked like an angel with her ​​blonde hair and blue eyes. When Eric and his friends began to beat her, I was furious. they have no right to just walk up to someone and start beating them because she did not respond to a question.

"are you okay?" I heard someone ask. I turned around. it was just Dylan. He had been my best friend since we were 10.

"I'm okay," I responded without emotion, as usual.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Nothing" I replied. Why do I feel so weird around her? She is not like the others I have met. they were afraid of me. they did just as I wanted and when I was done I just threw them away. it was usually after a day.


Linnea's POV


"What is it you do not tell about him?" I asked Emma.

"you do not need know! everything you need to know is that he is not good for you! he is a player and does not care about what other people's feelings!, he is not good!"

"Why will not you tell me? his swelling hardly shot anyone?" I looked into emmas eyes. She did not answer but just looked away. 

" He has? "I asked. Emma was silent for a while. then she answered.

" I do not know. there are rumors! okay! I do not think he has shot someone but he's a drug dealer! he sells drugs! He has a huge house and an expensive car! how else would he a afford all that? "she was afraid of him Unfortunately, because of rumors? haha. hardly! Emma is never afraid!

" what has he gort against you? "I asked. she met my gaze again.

" not me ... it is my friend. He got her to accompany him home. he gave her compliments and they got together. they had sex and then he dumped her the day after!, she told me that he was doing drugs and stuff. He is the one who controls the city! he does what he wants when he wants. He does not care about enyones feelings and he plays with girls as if we were dolls! "This was perhaps not such a good idea ... I had already figured out that he was a bad ass and that he was doing drugs was not difficult to guess.

"he's just playing with you," said Emma. I broke eye contact. He could be so dangerous? do not judge a book by its cover.

"I'm just going to go on a date with him., he can not be as bad as you say! maybe he is a player and the dealer, but I highly doubt that he controls the city." Emma sighed. She had tried to convise me since she found out about it. but it was only now that she told me this? I love her but she can be a bit weird sometimes.


I heard from the guest room, where I currently live, how it knocked at the door. Emma opened.

"It's Justin!" I heard Emma shouting. She did not sound happy. I put on the final make-up and then I started to walk towards the door. When I went downstairs, I saw Justin stood leaning against the doorframe with a smile. I had on meg white dress in which I had borrowed from Emma and a pair of cream heels.

"You are beautiful," said Justin. I blushed a little.

"was back home at 10 o'clock!" said Emma. Justin laughed a little. I gave her a look that said 'you-are-not-my-mom'. I went over to Justin who opened the door for me.

"Thanks" I said and walked out. He closed the door backom me and rushed to my side. it was cool outside. not as cold as before. I stoped and just gasped when I saw his car. I could hear him laughing a little.

"It's your car?" I asked. He smiled a dazzling smile that made my insides melt.

"Yes" he said. it was a mirror colored cab! He walked up to the car and opened the door for me, the gentleman he is. I smiled and sat down in the car. Justin went and sat down on his side and began to drive.

"How's the leg?" he asked.

"It's good., but I have to walk around with a bandage around the leg for 3 weeks" I said. He stopped at a red light and put his hand on my leg.

"Where are we going Justin?" I asked when I realized I had no idea where we went. He smiled mysteriously, but did not answer. Instead, he put on the radio. it was 'when i was youre man' by bruno March. I listened to the lyrics. Once I heard a voice that sang with. it was wonderfully beautiful! like an angel.

"I did not know you could sing" I said to Justin and looked at him. He blushed. so sweet!

"uh ..." was all he said.

"it was good! you have a real talent," I said. He smiled a little. He stopped at a parking lot of a restaurant. it was not too fancy but not too sloppy either. it was perfect for a first date! We went in and got a table. Justin pulled out the chair for me. He did not seem the type who had a new girl every day.

"thank you," I said.

"It was the least I could do," he said. I smiled a little. we talked a bit and then we ordered food. I looked around the restaurant. it was white roads and wine red curtains. it was fine!

"what do you think?" asked Justin when he saw that I looked around the restaurant. I met his hazzel brown eyes and smiled.

"It's perfect!" I said. he smiled.

"I thought you'd like it," he said. how could he be drug dealers?

"Why are you handling with drugs Justin?" question just slipped out of my mouth. His gaze hardened.

"to get money," he said. I would not have asked.

"why your mom threw you out?" he asked. Now it was my gaze hardened. He knew the answer. he heard when me and Emma talked.

"because I smoked one time at a party" I replied.

"why'd you smoked?" he asked.

"cause I was drunk" I answered honestly.

"Why did you not stop smoke after the party?" he asked. I thought about it for a while. why did i not stop?

"because I was hungover. because I was offered one and I felt a craving for it" I replied. He smiled a little. hard in his eyes had disappeared.

"Of course I regret that I received that last cigarette of your friend ..." He interrupted me.

"They are not my friends," he said.

"so what are they?" I asked. hard in his eyes came back.

"I owe Eric money." he said.

"Why do you give him not they? contractions you have lots of money," I said. He smiled a little.

"It's fun to mess with him." I stared at him like he was crazy. which he was.

"because it's fun?" I asked. he smiled bigger and hard in his eyes disappeared again.

"You know, most of them girls tend to be afraid of me. they tend to keep their distance. sometimes get them courage to go near, and when they do they regret in the end. yet you are diffrent, you seem not be afraid and you would to go near without hesitation. your eyes are blue as ice and you seem to pull yourself to heat. You may not have noticed it but we are just a few centimeters away from each other and you are not trying to escape. "when he talked made ​​me lean forward and listen., I did not want to but there was something in his voice that was mesmerizing. he had mirrored my movements and we were just a few inches apart, just as he said., I smiled a little. my gaze was still locked in his.

"Are you finished with your food?" asked Justin., I nodded., he paid the bill and then went we are against his car again. suddenly I heard someone said my name. I turned around. justin with. who was it who had shout my name?, I saw a dark figure leaning against the wall.

"yes?" I asked. justin took my hand and pulled me towards the car., he pushed me and put on the belt. seemd he have the rush away from the man., he hurried to his side and started the car.

"who was it Justin?" I asked.

"um .. it was Eric's friend, "he said., I was like frozen.

" why was he here? "I asked, afraid of the answer.

" He was probably here to see if you were with me. "he said.

" why he wanted to know if i was with you ? "I asked, now in panic.

" presumably to kill ... "

" oh god! "I interrupted him.

" what? "he asked.

"Erh, I do not want to scare you or anything like that but he goes in the car behind us," Justin held tight on the wheel. He looked in the mirror. I was right. the man was in the car behind us.

"what should we do Justin?" I asked.

"You can not go to Emma because we do not want to put her in danger ... so .. uhm ... we can go back to my place?" he asked. "okey," I said. we drove for 5 minutes and then stopped Justin outside a large house.

"do you live here?" I asked. he smiled

"yep!" he said. we stepped out of the car and ran into the house.

"Justin good that you're home ..." someone started but became silent when he saw me.

"Justin?" asked the guy.

"Who is she?" Justin sighed.

"this is Linnea ,Linnea this is Dylan" he said.

"What is she doing here?" asked Dylan.

"hiding" replied Justin.

"not so good hiding place if you hide you for Erik" said Dylan.

"and why not?" asked Justin.

"because he's in the kitchen, waiting for you to come home," said Dylan.

"Dylan take Linnea into my room while I talk to him." he said. Dylan showed the way to Justin's room. it was a fairly dark room. the walls were painted in dark gray and there were clothes on the floor.

"Justin will get you up as soon as he is finished with Eric" Dylan said. He closed the door when he went out. I went and sat on Justin's bed. it was comfortable.

I waited a long time. it felt like he never came. When I had waited two hours I fell asleep.

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