I Need You

ok. so my friend wanted me to write a Movella about Justin Bieber.so i did! I need you, is about Linnea. She is 16 years old. Her mother threw her out because she was smoking and she has nowhere to go ...


22. pregnant month 5

Linnea's POV


I woke up in a dark room. where was I? my memories struck back at me like a wave. I started to cry. they shot him. they shot Justin. I heard voices outside.

"I think she's awake" the door opened and into the room came three though. I so wanted to run up to them and beat them. but my hands were tied behind the back of an iron pipe, and I probably would not be strong enough to do any damage.

"Linnea: What fun to see you again!" I recognized his voice. it belonged to one of my dad's friends. they stopped hanging out because he turned out to be a pedofile. i remember unfortunately not his name.

"I can not say the same," I answered. he chuckled maliciously.

"What about Justin?, he will be okay?" I asked. one of the other men hold up a newspaper and put it in front of me. I read the headline. 'Pop star Justin Bieber shot during fiancée's kidnapping, the situation is critical,' I cried even more now.

"no., it is not true! why!?" I shouted to him. if Justin die, I die with him. we are so different but fits so well anyway. we are two sides of one coin. we can not do without each other. Two of the men left the room. it was just dad's friend left.

"I've waited a long time to get you in my hands,"he said. I pulled myself closer to the wall and away from him. I did not want to be here. I wanted to be in justin's arms. sure. The man came closer and closer. Suddenly I remembered what his name was. paul.

"please Paul. let me go, please," I cried.

"No, i was going to take you when I shot your friend, what was her name again? Emma? yes it was" I started crying more.

"It was you who k kkilled Emma"  i snobbed. He nodded and pulled off his shirt. he would rape me ... Once he stood naked and began to tear off my clothes.


Justins POV.


I woke up to ljusdet of beeping. I gently opened his eyes. light hurt but minnerna to see Linnea become carried away from me was more painful. I was accumulation in the room and was connected to lots of tubes and wires. I took away all the things that were attached to me and raised me up slowly. When I took mort all began machines beeping. I so out of the window. it was full of fans outside. into the room ran the now-in sick staff. they tried to get me to put me back but I refused.

"justin your heart is not plastic enough strong. you can not go yet!" they said. I ignored them and pushed me past them. I left the room and saw Chaz and Ryan in the waiting room. they ran up to me and hugged me.

"did they find her?" I asked. Chaz shook his head.

"Justin came back!" cried a Docktor. I ignored him and started running out. when the fans and paparazin saw me, it was chaos. all cried and took pictures. Hospital staff tried to get me to stay but I refused. I managed to get past all the fans and started running. I stopped not until I was on the spot where it happened. everything was normal.it was not even sealed off. how long hae I been gone? I stopped an old lady.

"Excuse me, but what's the date today?" I asked. the old woman replied. I had been away for 3 months. I sat down on the road. she has been away for 3 months and no one has found her. I sat down and cried. I just sat there for several hours. I was aware that there had been paparazzi. it was hard not to know. after 4 hours  Chaz and Ryan came with safety guards. fans streamed into weighing on an open sea. all tried to get me to move on me but I refused. eventually I realized how much people it was there. I took a deep breath and stood up. I did not go with chaz and Ryan. I went the other way. to her house. after another 2 hours I was there. I recognized the car stood parked. it was Mom. I took my spare key and went inside.

"I knew it was here you were coming," she said when she saw me.

"It took a while just, I've been here waiting since you ran away from the hospital," she said. She had tears in her eyes. they had become close friends she and Linnea. She was like Linnea's second mother.

"I've taken care of the house and cooked. would you like?" I nodded. My voice could not carry me.

"Come here, honey." she said and hugged me.

"why don't they find her? it has been so long" I whispered.

"I know, I know. they have almost no trace, no one knows but it could be," she said. we ate in silence. I need you, Linnea. do you hear? I need you ...



Linnea's POV


I could not feel my legs anymore. I have not been on for months. I'm so hungry. I get just a little bread and water. my ribs pointing out and my stomach is swollen. it turned out that I was pregnant after the first week I got here.Paul hopes that it is his. I want it to be justin. I'm in 5 months and it will die if I do not get more food soon. My hands were so thin. I tried to pull them out of the rope that held my hands. it worked! I got up slowly. my legs were wobbly but it was good nonetheless. I took a few steps and felt the blood flowing through them again. I walked towards the door. it was unlocked so I just walked out. I heard voices from a door next to it. I hurried past me and ran towards the front door. I opened it quietly and walked out. I was free. I hurried away from the house. it was not so far away from where I was kidnapped. I went there. It took 10 minutes. I needed to find Justin. I had seen that he escaped from the hospital. he lived. I saw a boy with brown hair and brown eyes hazzel. His eyes fa got big when he saw me. I began to feel weak. He started coming towards me through the sea of girls who were around him. I went as fast as I could against him, but when it was only 1 meter away from him, I felt my knees gave way. I fell to the ground but Justin caught me at the last moment.

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