I Need You

ok. so my friend wanted me to write a Movella about Justin Bieber.so i did! I need you, is about Linnea. She is 16 years old. Her mother threw her out because she was smoking and she has nowhere to go ...


16. missed you

Linnea's POV:


one week passed quickly. I had earned a lot already. I saved everything in a secret place behind a bookcase. Justin and Selena topped all news still, apparently, so they had been together on the same day as Justin saved me from Colin.
  I went up on stage and started dancing with the pole again. I did not care anymore who was here. I let my gaze for the first time, walking toward the door. a mistake. In came Justin, Chaz and Ryan. all 3s eyes got big when they saw me. they tried to look away. but their eyes continued to walk towards me. Justin looked angry. today I got more money than usual in tuked in my panties. it ment that it was much people here. I danced and stepped off the stage and hurried to get dressed. I retrieved my money and counted through so that it was right and then I put on it that I got on stage. I had never had this much before. I wanted to avoid Justin so I hurried to the door. Chaz blocked my way. My eyes met the floor when I pushed him away. I looked towards my boss who looked angry. Right, in my contract stood there I had to be flirty towards all guests, even if they was unfriendly.

"linnea ..." said Chaz upset. I met his gaze.

"What is it sweetie?" I asked and winked at him. I threw a quick glance at my boss. he looked happy again. He ignored me.

"What were you doing up there? was someone who was sick that you filled in for ...?" he started but I cut him off.

"I did my job, sweetheart," I said and kept walking. I went out and saw Ryan and Justin. tears burned in my eyes. I walked quickly past them.

"Linnea" I heard Ryan shout. I stopped and turned slowly on. I was glad it was dark outside so they could see that I was crying. "mh"

"come here," he said. I hesitated, but slowly began to walk towards them. I held his head low. I could not stop the tears that came every night. I hated my job. When I was close enough, I stopped.

"I can see you crying," he said softly. I sobbed. Ryan came up to us.

"What was that?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Why are you acting so weird?"

"it says in my contract," I mumbled. tears still flowed. I suddenly felt strong arms around me. It was Justin. right then my legs gave in and I fell to the ground on my knees. justin's arms were still around me. we both cried.

"I'm sorry, forgive me, please forgive me," he mumeld over and over in my ear. I did not answer, I just cried. Justin picked me up. I had my head buried in his chest. I still cried. I felt I was sheltered in a car. I still had my head in justin's chest. I missed his s
scent, his hair, his eyes, his strong arms, I missed him.

"what exactly is included in your job?" Ryan asked after a long silence.

"um, dancing on the pole ... and follow people home ..." I just mumbled. but I knew that everyone had heard. Justin body tightened. it became inconvenient.

"Relax you get too hard" I told him. His body relaxed managed directly it became comfortable again. Justin laughed a little. my tears still had not stopped falling. I looked out the window and realized that we were heading to their hotel.

"Justin you have a girlfriend., You should take me home" I mumbled. (how do I always get into something 1D related? xD Take Me Home!)

"I do not have a girlfriend," he said. I met his eyes but did not respond.

"Selena and I did not at first dating for real, it was an invention to make me more famous. later she called and asked if we could test for real, just one dejt, I said yes, then I came here and met you again, I did not think there was nothing between her and me, and then she went out with it in the press, "he said.

"Oh" was all I got out of me.

"I was never unfaithful" he whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek. When I did not pulled away he kissed my ear and bit me lightly in the earlobe. I turned towards him.

"I'm sorry" I whispered back. he smiled.

"for what?" I put my head on his shoulder and drew circles on his chest.

"Everything. I've missed you Justin" I whispered.

"I missed you too baby"

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