I Need You

ok. so my friend wanted me to write a Movella about Justin Bieber.so i did! I need you, is about Linnea. She is 16 years old. Her mother threw her out because she was smoking and she has nowhere to go ...


13. I would die for you

Linnea's POV


I went up on stage and started dancing as usual. I saw everyone who came in and out. No one got my full attention. not until Erik came. He had two great guys with her. I had recognized one of them. he was my ex boyfriend, Colin. we met before I got kicked out. He saw me on stage and smiled. He had black hair that was a bit messy and a black t-shirt and jeans. He walked up to my boss who was standing at the bar. He said something and pointed at me. I pretended I did not notice and continued to dance. Soon Colin went to the scene with Erik and the other guy. right next to me.

"You look beautiful tonight," said Colin. I ignored him. I heard my boss called my name. I hurried off the stage and walked up to him.

"You continue to cover up for Annie and the young gentleman over there want company, waiting home" said my boss. I looked at him with wide eyes. I do not follow him home! I broke up for a reason. he used to beat me.

"No please! anyone else than any of them" I said. He shook his head.

"He's just wants a stripper at his party," he said. I sighed. I do not want to be a stripper, but that was the only job I could get and it was well paid.

"try to be a bit more diligent with your customers," he added when I went. I took with me some more clothes and walked toward them. They looked a little too happy.

"it's best I get paid well for this," I said when I arrived. they smiled more.

"It's been a while sweetheart," said Colin.

"do not call me that," I said sourly. he smiled.

"where is this party?" I asked. they told me the address. I picked up my phone and called Justin.

"Hi sweetie" replied Justin.

"I have to go with Erik and his friends home. they have a party that I'll dance on. retrieve me there then?" I asked.

"huh?" said Justin. "Are you crazy?: You can not go with the guy who shot you home!" he said. I had to take the phone away from your ear. he talked so loud.

"Justin take it easy, I do not like it either, but I still cover up for Annie! I forced to!" I said. he sighed.

"I'll get you there ..." he said. I began to say the address but Justin cut me off.

"I know where he lives," I sighed.

"are you sleeping over at my place?" I asked.

"Yes" he said, now a little happier.

"I'll see you later" I said and hung up. I turned around and saw that all three looked at me.

"what?" I asked. they smiled but did not answer. 

"This is Kevin" Erik said, pointing to the man who stood beside him. we greeted.

"party starts soon so maybe we should go," said Erik. we went to their car and drove to them. Erik's house was big. larger than most houses that I had seen. Wow it was until I remembered. Erik laughed a little when he saw my reaction. they showed the way in and where I could stand and dance. it started to get people and the music was loud. I started dancing. Once it smelled alcohol and sweat. I saw a lot of guys who looked at me. Clolin called me. I went up to him. he was drunk.

"Darling!" he said when I stood in front of him. I felt uncomfortable to stand with so little clothing in front of him.

"take some time off! grab a beer and have fun," he said, and wobbled.

"No thanks," I said.

"Come on!" he said, holding out a beer can. I took a sip. Clolin smiled at me. He wobbled and I caught him before he fell into the wall.

"take it easy there," I said. he laughed. I kite a little more beer. okay, maby few cans and some other stuff that I did not know what it was. I was still pretty clear in my head, but it was litte sketchy. I saw Colin kiss any girl who tried to get away. I went up to him and cracked him on the shoulder. The girl slipped away when he turned around. He was furious, but when he saw it was me he grabbed my face and kissed me. I pushed him away.

"no Colin" I said. He hit me in the face.

"You do as I say." he shouted to me. I felt tears burn in my eyes. I turned around and started walking. I felt pain when he kicked me down on the floor. he sat on me.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted. everyone looked at us. he struck me over and over in the face. I began to feel tired. I hovered between consciousness. I heard a familiar voice far away. an image popped up in my memory. hazel brown eyes and brown hair. Justin. I felt Colin's weight disappear from me. it took a while before I felt the familiar arms lifted me up.

"how are you baby?" asked the beautiful voice that belonged to Justin. I could not answer. I lost my consciousnesses started when he put me in his car.



Justin's POV


"What the fuck happened? "Said Chas when I lifted into Linnea's unconscious body loose the door. They would only stay here while I got her.

" I found her on the floor under a guy who hit her, "I said. Tears streaming down my cheeks, I put her on the sofa. Ryan got a first aid box and water. I looked at her. My beautiful butterfly ... I washed the blood off her face., she began to open her eyes., she smiled when she saw me but did once your hand to the head., it must hurt.

"ryan! fix painkillers "I cried.

" drink some water, "I said and gave Linnea water bottle. she drank carefully and swallowed painkillers

." thank you for saving me Justin "she whispered., I kissed her on the cheek.

" I would die for you, "I whispered back., she smiled at me. was such a smile that shows all the emotions and all I saw was love.

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