I Need You

ok. so my friend wanted me to write a Movella about Justin Bieber.so i did! I need you, is about Linnea. She is 16 years old. Her mother threw her out because she was smoking and she has nowhere to go ...


5. dead

Linnea's POV


"You kissed him?" shouted Emma.

"uh ... actually ... so EHRR ... we ... made ​​out ..."

"YOU WHAT?" shouted Emma.

"Emma calm down! He was not what you said!, He was kind and sweet!"

"I do not care if he had saved one littet lamb! he's dangerous! you should stay away! you would not have said yes to your date and certainly not another one!" she said. she was very angry. if you have not already noticed. I sighed.

"but now I did it!, and I want to go on a date with him!" I said. She sat down on the couch and put his head in her hands.

"look, I know you are angry with him for your friend and I know you think he's dangerous., but all can change., and if he ... -" I started but did not finish the sentence.

"I do not care. Just make sure he does not crush your heart is okay," she said. I smiled and hugged her. I went into the kitchen. I heard Emma sighed.

"It's lucky for you that my perents bought this house to me," she said, I smiled a little.

"It is lucky that we have the same size in cloths!" I said back. I heard her laughing.

"Otherwise you would have been walking around in your little cocktail dress." she said. my gaze floated out the window. it was a dark shadow that stood in the forest brow. it glistened. person had a spyglass? when the person discovered that I checked he backed into the woods. OK? so now it's someone that stalking me ...

"did you see also the man who was standing there?" asked Emma behind me. I nodded.

"I'll just go out and ask what his problem is," said Emma.

"No, you can not stay in here with me please", I tried. but it was too late. Emma was already out and walked toward the woods. she stopped so I could see her. you could see that she was talking to someone. everything went so fast. One second she was standing there and gesticulating with her arms and the next I heard a shot  and saw her lifeless body fall to the ground. I grabbed my phone and ran out to her.

"Emma!" I shouted. She did not answer. I came up to her and saw that it was already too late. her eyes were open and she was not breathing. my tears flowed down my cheeks when I called the police. judgment came after 5 minutes. neighbors had come out and looked. they had not asked anything or said anything. they just stood there. like silent ghosts. I had called Emmas prerents and told what had happened. they came 5 minutes after the police. the police asked me questions and photographed the site. where should I go now? Emma's mother, Nina, asked to talk to me.

"What is it?" I sobbed.

"We heard that your mother threw you out., and I just want to say that you can get to Emma's house now that she does not need it anymore." her mother cried as much as me. I hugged her and thanked.

"I've always seen you as a daughter," she said. I hugged her again and then I went into the house and started eating ice cream.

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