Queen of the Jungle

A poem about the queen of the jungle. This is for my beautiful Shadow.


1. Queen of the Jungle

She is the queen of the jungle,

She prowls and she hunts.

She lazes around in the sun.

While her husband looks for lunch.


No one dares to stop her.

No one dares to fight.

All the other animals are stupid,

And they cower in fright. 


She's powerful and she knows it.

She's beautiful and sleek.

The lioness is a powerful creature,

While all I do is sleep.


My 'mother' writes all day,

And I, the cat, sleep on her lap.

I am so lucky, so pampered,

All the time, I nap.


Yet in a way,

I am the queen.

Queen of my own jungle,

Living with my mother, the teen.

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