Love in her eyes, Scars on her arms, Fear in her heart..

Well this is a little fan fiction of One Direction. I have never written a fan fiction before ... So.. if you would read the the begining of this and tell me what you think, and if I should keep going or not? ^^ Thanks...


1. First Glance

Harry’s POV –

            I’m standing in the middle of the club bored out of my mind. Wondering to myself when the boys are going to show up and help me have a good time.  The music is blaring, but I’m not really hearing the lyrics, because moments before a stunning little lady had walked through the door. Out of the entire crowd the only person I see is her. –Woah- I think to myself. I start making my way towards this stranger, curiosity getting the best of me.


Justyce’s POV –

            I see him walking towards me, staring at me the whole way. I feel .. exposed for some reason. His eyes, his beautiful green eyes cutting into me like knives.

“Hello gorgeous.” He says with a grin.

“Hi…” I said nervously glancing away.

“Let me buy you a drink.” He grabs my elbow leading me towards the bar.

“I don’t really drink… “ I muttered.

“Well tonight you do, at least until my crew shows up.” He says smirking. He ordered me some Jack, I took a swig feeling the burning sensation in my throat. I coughed a little.

Harry’s POV –

            I can finally have a little fun while I wait on the boys to show up. I wonder if I can get her to disappear with me for a little while, somewhere private…

“So girlie, what brings you here?” I ask innocently.

“Life…” She said, and that’s all I got before she turned and darted out the exit.

My curiosity got the best of me yet again, while I trail right behind her.

“Hey! Where are you going? Was it something I said? WAS IT MY BREATH?!” I shout after her. I see her stop, and fall to the ground grabbing her stomach. I was so shocked I froze for a moment, then I had a strange feeling of fright seeing this stranger lye on the ground looking as if in pain. So I run at her going to help her up off the ground and maybe to the nearest hospital.

            I finally get to her shaking body, when I realize something. She’s not in pain, she’s laughing! What I said, was it really that funny?  I grinned, I had made her fall because of how funny I am, maybe I should have been a comedian!

“Uhmm, Hello Mr. Prick but it would be nice if I could get a hand up!” She said, kind of sounding pissed.

“Oh. Right, sorry.” I reach my hand down to her as she takes mine I pull her up and she falls into my chest.

“Dammit!” She yells and jerks away. “Fucking perverted boys these days! Can’t leave one fucking innocent female to stay innocent can ya?” She sounded like she had thought long and hard on this.

“What the fuck are you ranting about?” I ask, raising my voice.

“It doesn’t fuc-“ is all she got out before she was interrupted.

“Hey Harry! Who’s the pretty little chick you got there!” I heard Niall’s grin on his face without even seeing it.

“No one, I was just leaving her be” I grumbled.

“Yeah, get the hell outa here and leave me alone.” She sneered at me. 


Nial’s POV  -

            I saw him standing there with that girl and was wondering what the hell they were arguing about. I could hear them yelling but I couldn’t understand what was being said.

“What’s going on? Harry what did you do?” I said in a dreaded voice.

“What makes you think I did a gosh darn thing?” Harry roared.

“He didn’t do anything I just have a bit of anxiouty and I can’t find a my friends…” The stranger mumbled.

“Oh..” I said “ Well, lets go inside the club and see if you can find them, if not I will give you a ride home.” I offered her my arm.

“Well, if you don’t mind…” She said leaving it open ended.

“Not in the least” I said with a reassuring smile.

“Okay” She said smiling back at me and taking my arm.

“Lets go Harry!!” I shouted once I realized Harry was still standing back there… looking as if in a daze.

“I’m coming asshole.” Harry snickered at me.

            So now I’m not only here with my mate, but with a complete stranger, who seems to have a bit of an attitude problem and must not understand who Harry and I are. I mean, what kind of girl would treat us this way if they did know who we were? I don’t think I could see ANY girl treating us like anything but Princes knowing who we are. I laugh to myself, what a silly little girl.



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